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Ride a dressage test in a competition

Ride a formal dressage test in an organised competition, doesn't matter what level of test or if the competition is a local show or the world championships it all counts!

Ride a dressage test in a competition Challenge rules

  1. Complete the test and have your score recorded.
  2. Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take Challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

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“Have done this plenty of times. Pure dressage at local level (never much good at it though), and also in eventing where at least I could improve my position with the jumping scores! ”

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Rose K Ride a dressage test in a competition Challenge

Contributorgold Rose K I have done more of these than I care to remember - some successfully and some not so much! My best ever score was an 11 (lowest score was the best) I was over the moon after that!

Lorain R and Scott F encouraged this.


Same here, don't remember the best score but probably have the sheet somewhere still! What I remember most are the half dozen 10 out out 10s in the collective marks. 4 out of six on regular mounts and 2 in the same test (only ever managed that once and to be honest think I only deserved a pair of 9s but its the judges opinion counts!) on that last minute ride I mentioned in the Horse Moments chat, as I said that one just clicked!

Lorain R and Scott F encouraged this.

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26th April 2012