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How can I enter just my Monthly Kilometers instead of dai...

Question • 2 answers

Newest answer

I like William's idea.  Another thing that I do for challenges that last quite a while is create a " how to" guide for myself on that challenge page.  You can go in and edit your guide any time you want, then save your changes.  I'm using my own personal gu...


Duplicate logs?

Question • 4 answers

 This is not right - I think this graph is showing many more kms than I have really run. When I log my runs for the running Olympics challenge or other team challenges, does the logger automatically update this graph as well? Does anyone know?

Newest answer

I think I might just have to only log running on this page.  I'd hate to overstate my miles.


how do I restart with a different date?

Question • 2 answers

I started running again after a long break back in March. As I was not on Tribe then, my trainings are not listed, so I want to start this challenge again from the time I joined Tribe, how do I do that?

Newest answer

Thanks for your answer Michael. I haven't been keeping track of my training data at all! What I meant was that when I started the challenge it asked me when I wanted to start from and then I noticed that it only counted the data I put in since I was on TS,...


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