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Running a 10k is an excellent distance goal for new and intermediate runners. The 10k (6.2 miles) is a great milestone for any runner to have achieved. Hitting it will allow you to feel confident enough to participate to run 5k and 10k races to improve your running form. Start increasing the amount of time you're running for, to improve your running endurance, building up to the full 10k distance.

Run your first 10k Challenge rules

  1. Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take Challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

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“Getting caught up on Challenges that I have took & completed in 2013. I ran 3 10k races in 2013 improving my time each time I raced. Pb'd on my 3rd 10k race with a time of 47:58”

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L. D Run your first 10k Challenge

Contributorgold L. D Hi! TribeSports challenges closing at 23 oct. We are all so sorry, it was a good story but we have the opportunity not to lose these achievements and goals and move on. Do not stop throwing Challenges! Join us on and continue to write the history of your achievements together with us. Take Challenges, create owns, take a part in online events, earn on your activity. And most importantly, communicate with like-minded people and invite friends.

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Ryon F Run your first 10k Challenge

Contributorbronze Ryon F I've never run an official 10k before, though I have run that far in one stretch before, only once that I remember, and it was a couple of years ago. I am signing up for one in October. Aiming for a lofty sub 50:00.

Kevin G and Alan S encouraged this.


Nice one Ryon, enjoy your first 10k and hopefully you'll get under your 50:00 target.

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Alex D Run your first 10k Challenge

Contributorgold Alex D Have run 10k lots of times before but not since the back and neck problems, and my chiropractor has only just OKed me to run that far, gently increasing distance. Hoping to do it later this month so taking this challenge for my first 10k since Sept.

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Kevin G Run your first 10k Challenge

Sports-iqgold Kevin G answered the question 10k training program/app

Serecting, difficult to answer without knowing your previous running history, fitness level etc however a 12 week plan is a sensible timescale, 4 weeks for building a solid base of running conditioning, 4 weeks to up...

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