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I'm about to enter my first half marathon, any pointers? ...

Question • 13 answers

The date in question is the 16/03/2014 - plenty of time to train! Good level of fitness Route will be hilly Already play netball twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays Looking to potentially start lifting some weights in the New Year and do more core wo...

Newest answer

My biggest pointer, don't overthink it. Then trust your training and make sure you have the right shoes and have ran in them before the race. For me I whole heartedly believed in my training and new I had done enough. Most of my training was done on gravel...


How to deal with post run pains?

Question • 12 answers

I did my first half marathon on Wednesday (it's now Friday night), my knees are nearly back to normal but I've got a horrible pain on the outside of my left foot, it's making it difficult to stay standing for any long amount of time. Any ideas or suggestion...

Newest answer

Ok, so thankfully there is no bone damage but my calf is incredibly tight as I discovered through two rounds of acupuncture and intense massage. I'll post pictures on my profile. Thanks for all the help and advice, I'm going to keep stretching, massaging, e...


How to train between half-marathons two months apart?

Question • 3 answers

My first half-marathon is on September 15th and I am running a second one on November 17th. How should I train during these two months?

Newest answer

I try to cross train once a week, usually a long bike ride, which works the leg muscles differently. Apparently cycling is good for improving running, but not necessarily the reverse! I also like to do a step aerobics or a Zumba class. Like Br...


Ive just reached 13.5 miles today. Do I need to carry on...

Question • 7 answers

I started running in May 2012.  Gone from couch potato to running 2/3 times a week and once over the weekend.  My ankles and shins are really hurting after the long run today.  Last weekend I ran 11miles and the weekend before 10 miles.  I'm not sure I am a...

Newest answer

There is nothing wrong with continuing to run that distance for a while as long as you cut back on the kilometers occasionally and taper down a few weeks before your big race.


What's a reasonable time to run a half marathon and what ...

Question • 9 answers

I'm 20 reasonably fit, I play rugby, have a horse go to the gym etc I'm but not much of a runner my largest distance being 5k in just under 30minutes. Approximately how long should it take me to be able to run the distance and what is a good time to do a ha...

Newest answer

I have ran a few half marathons and have usually finished in the top end of the middle. I do run but only once or twice a week because I have children my finishing time is usually around 1hr 50 min so anywhere around 2hrs is about average. 1 hr 30 as stated...


Nutrician and Training plans From 10k To Half

Question • 4 answers

Hey Guys, Wondering if anyone has got a good eating and training plan for Half Marathon. Also if you know what the best carbs are to eat to. Thanks

Newest answer

Hey Madi.  Wheat bread is very good.  You definitely need carbs daily.  Enjoy. 


Patellofemoral Knee Pain

Question • 6 answers

So, after running my first 10K on Thanksgiving, I have been having some knee pain (patellofemoral). Who has dealt with this and what works to get my knees stronger? I'm training for a 1/2 marathon and would like to be able to finish without needing a wheelc...

Newest answer

Sometimes it can be related to a tight IT Band as well.  Try having someone video tape you as you are running from the side, the front, and the rear, then watch it in slow-mo or frame by frame on your TV or computer so it's large.  You will be surprised at...


Can i train for a half marathon in 4 weeks..?? Currently ...

Question • 8 answers

I used to run around 10Km in an hour but that was about 6 months ago. Currently I am able to do 4Km in 25-30 mins.I increased that to 6.7Km but time increased to 50 Mins. Whenever I am increasing my time, my body feels a little weak the next day, so it get m...

Newest answer

If you don't mind mixing you Half up between walking and running, you can probably do it.  The main problem I see is the wear and tear on your body.  When I did my first Half, I gave myself about 9 weeks to train, and I don't think that was enough.  I did i...


Does anyone have any suggested beginners training program...

Question • 10 answers

Hi, Planning to complete a half marathon in April 2013 then full marathon in May 2013. Does anyone have a suggested training programmes? Had thought of following Virgin London marathon beginners 24 week programme from towards the end of October. Would be in...

Newest answer

I know it'a a little late to answer that one, but I've been following training programs on, and not only have I managed to run 4 half-marathons since I started, but I've also kept improving thanks to it. I suggest you to have a try! And good lu...


Week before race

Question • 2 answers

Hi all, what should the week before the race be like? Training & nutriton? I've heard that no training & plenty of fueling - is this the right approach? I wish to make a success of my 1st half. Thanx in advance for any input.

Newest answer

It all depends on where you are at with your training and fitness level.  If you have been training hard and running consistently (average of 7+ miles), I wouldn't drop down near that much.  You do want to taper, but that just means dropping down to perhaps...


Best fueling during training & before race?

Question • 6 answers

I'm a complete newbie to running, let alone a half marathon. So I'd appreciate any suggestions & tips for what kind of food I should eat as I train & more importantly as I prepare for the race.

Newest answer

I tried few type of carb, pasta, bread. I normally eat lots greens, protein, greek yogurt, meat and stay away from carb (not 100%) while I train. After training I drink chocolate milk. it also depends on your diet and if your stomach tolerate pasta, stay wi...


Baltimore 1/2 Marathon

Question • 0 answers

I'm signed up for the 2012 Baltimore 1/2! Anyone else going to be there?

Any good training plans for a half marathon?

Question • 3 answers

Does anyone know any good training plans I can use as a guide for my half marathon? I'm running out of time....

Newest answer

Try Hal Higdon's website - very down to earth and accessible - Hope this helps and good luck with the race!


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