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This challenge will help you build some lower body strength over 5 days. How does it work? Day one = do a min of 10 squats (as per challenge pic), day 2 = double day one, day 3 = triple day one, day four = quadruple day one, day 5 = day one x 5. Example: day 1 = 10 squats, day 2 = 20, day 3 = 30, day 4 = 40, day 5 = 50. Challenge yourself and start with more if you are able!

Squat Ladder Challenge rules

  1. NO BACKSIES! Only squats done after taking challenge count :)
  2. Does not need to be done on consecutive days, but must be 5 different days.
  3. Start with legs shoulder width apart and slowly lower body till upper legs are parallel to the ground keeping back straight. Form is important.
  4. Should not feel pain in knees, if you do then your form is not correct.
  5. Engage your abdominals to take any stress off your back.
  6. Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take Challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

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Avril P

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3rd July 2012