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Training Duplication on Tribe-Lympic and 5 Man Relay Team...

Guide • 4 responses

For all those that are struggling with adding training km’s to the Challenge and having to duplicate the km’s in another Challenge, the solution is simple. In your training data record all training km’s are recorded to a particular Challenge. Since you will...

How to enter your kms for your team onto the leaderboard

Guide • 2 responses

Make sure that when you go to the challenge page that you select your team at the top and press the red button. When you log in your training, use the second tab on the status box "post training data" and enter your run there. After you are done, it shoul...

Team: Phoenix Rises

Guide • 12 responses

Team members: Liz D Lucille W First P Fiona J Leocanto K ...


Guide • 204 responses

Please post all team totals on this guide.  Totals only, please don't exchange witty banter here.  We are going to try and do this in order to keep the totals from getting confused or lost.

Team: Last of the Mofreakans

Guide • 2 responses

David  -   Leocanto  -   Mc Sween A  -      

Team 'BLISS'

Guide • 3 responses

Ben - @Benrabe (BST + 1hr) Lisa - @Lisamac (BST) Irfan - @Irfade (BST) Shantanoo - @shantanoo (BST + 4.5hrs) Sian - @greenfairy (BST)

Team 7: Dazed & Confused - On your marks, set.... GO, GO,...

Guide • 62 responses

Gemma:@gemboms Casey:@ckettman Phil:@paris1933 Jonathan:@runbigjrun Gord:@comox Guys 'n Gals, I've re-created the guide to display our name with pride! This way we don't need to harass Julia to change things for us! I've also had a wee play around wit...

Team 5 Mega Meter Mojo ! are ready to go .... and ris...

Guide • 14 responses

Helen: @helenh2 Don: @donjohnson86 Joe: @jtenor Joshua: @joshua Sarah: @saharareid   HI team . hope you dont mind . ahve recreated the guide so that I can admin  insterad of asking julia to  do it all the time ,.    we need to decide on a team name...

Team: "Are we Nearly There Yet ?"

Guide • 14 responses

- Laura N - @lauranathan - Neil C - @neil - Nick B - @majicmonkey - Nocturnal R - @nocturnal - Karen L - @karenl     

TEAM- 'It Hurts So Good'

Guide • 25 responses

John G- @jgogets Cory W- @corjliza Candida B- @candidab Anna D- @annad Jennifer R- @jenrasnake Any team members want to suggest a team name. I know John,Cory, Jennifer and Anna have all worked hard to lose weight, maybe a weight loss name?  I like "Cal...


Guide • 15 responses

Philip: @pesterle running in MST William: @weasel777 running in GMT Julia: @murdoch running in EST Ann: @annwithoutane running in ADT Aurelie: @lillylondon running in GMT

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