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The Olympic Torch 80 Mile Challenge

The Olympic Torch starts its 70 day journey around the United Kingdom on 19th May 2012.
It will have a journey of 8,000 miles – all you have to do is run 80 miles before the opening ceremony of the Olympics

The Olympic Torch 80 Mile Challenge Challenge rules

  1. Challenge starts on 19th May
  2. Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take Challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

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“Big Oppps on my behalf..Too many running challenges and originally took this as a team run..Haha Silly me should have read the instructions. Anyway have back run the difference of 72 miles since my last entry on June 20th. What an idiot! Anyway 80 miles done!”

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Claire P The Olympic Torch 80 Mile Challenge Challenge

Contributorgold Claire P May 23rd = 12,8 km
May 27th = 10 km
June 3rd = 17,8 km
June 16th = 7,3 km
June 17th = 10,2 km
June 20th = 10,2 km
June 24th = 11 km
June 27th = 10,2 km
July 1st = 10,2 km
July 13th = 14,2 km
July 15th = 10,2 km

Total so far= 124,1 km
which is: 77,11 miles...

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Thanks! I think I'll complete this today! :) I've seen you're almost done too!


Merci Sylvain!! J'ai encore 3 miles à faire pour finir ce challenge avant l'ouverture des jeux olympiques! Sinon, j'ai récemment dépassé les 520 km sur mon site d'entraînement! :)

Paul W encouraged this.

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Kaye D The Olympic Torch 80 Mile Challenge Challenge

I agree with Neil and believe mileage should only be logged from the date a challenge is taken. I do also agree that mileage should be logged  accross different challenges, for example i might be logging mileage agai...

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18th May 2012