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Related to the TRIBE-A-LYMPICS 2012: CYCLING TeamChallenge

Can we still add miles to our team post 9th Sep?

Question • 1 answer

Newest answer

You probably can but, as the challenge is over, I would suggest you to log your activity under another challenge, for example,


Anyone got a medal yet?

Question • 4 answers

Just asking...

Newest answer

I got my gold in running, but not my silver in cycling.


Non medal winning continents

Question • 1 answer

What do we do if we are from one of the other continents? Does the challenge remain incomplete in our challenges list or do we select QUIT, which seems strange if we have been contributing and logging?

Newest answer

It looks like the rules have been changed. The statement 'ONLY THE WINNING CONTINENT CAN COMPLETE THE CHALLENGE' has been removed - we can all complete! Some of us on the Europe team already have completed and have a nice gold medal to show for it...


can I add miles?

Question • 1 answer

I have not been on TS for a few weeks---but have pedaled  340 miles.  Is it fair for me to add my miles to Team America?

Newest answer

I think you can, it's not the due day yet, so you just put the result you've been doing.


Should Silver and Bronze medals be awarded?

Question • 5 answers

In the sprit of the Olympics each team member from the second and third place continents should be able to 'complete' the challenge and gain a silver or bronze medal. This could sustain interest and provide some interesting competition for the 'minor' place...

Newest answer

I agree with silver and bronze too.  More fitting of the games!  Sometimes the best competition isn't between gold and silver but rather bronze and no metal :-).


Leader board update?

Question • 1 answer

How can I be sure that that my km have been added? Just added some for Europe and can't see any changes...

Newest answer

Try reloading the page, I guess that would just do it.


multiple logs?

Question • 1 answer

can I add the kms from 50,000k grudge and 1000k challenges?

Newest answer

if you are posting them jsut as written entries in the grudge cycling then yes but if oyu double post as training data then it will make your training log inaccurate, hope this helps!


tribe-a-lympics posting

Question • 1 answer

where/how do we post our rides/runs to get them added properly to the team total?  

Newest answer

@ the top of the main Tribe-A-Lympics page is a place to add the data (same place you can post comments from).  Click on Post Training Data, choose your sport, and add the data either manually or by supported device.


Stationary Bike

Question • 4 answers

Does a stationary bike count?

Newest answer

i do not see any issue with that


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