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Twelve minutes standing on a wobble board

Are you preparing for a snowboarding adventure and want to be in top shape for some serious slope action? As part of the pre slope fitness regime balance and coordination exercises should be included and this challenge is aimed at developing those core skills. The challenge is to stand feet shoulder width apart and balance on the wobble board for twelve minutes with none of the edges touching the ground. This is an advanced challenge for those who have strengthened their core muscles enough to be able to stay balanced for long periods of time.

Wobble boards/balance boards are designed to improve your proprioception. This is the sense and awareness of the position of our body parts and is widely used as a training device for both skiers and snowboarders. Having good proprioception helps to reduce the risk of injury whilst getting the most out of mountain adventure. Remember to complete this challenge no edges are allowed to touch the ground or you have to start again...

Twelve minutes standing on a wobble board Challenge rules

  1. Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take Challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

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“i like wobble board challenges!”

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Johana B Twelve minutes standing on a wobble board Challenge

Contributorbronze Johana B ahhhh! I can not believe it, i need to try again.... 11 min 45 sec in my first attempt!!!!

Arnaud L and Matthew L encouraged this.


...On the hard floor - and barefoot ! (not on mats with shoes) - I was impressed !


yes, but I need to improve my balance.... 15 sec more ashhhhhh

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Andrew M

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23rd February 2011