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Crow Pose Yoga Class (3 times)

Challenge • 4 takers

This is a 23:00 Minute video yoga class to learn the beginner arm balance. Please do this class 3 times before completing the challenge.

Avoid HFCS (Part II) – 30 day challenge

Challenge • 2 takers

Part II is about avoiding HFCS. Hopefully you identified & eliminated foods containing HFCS and already made substitutions. Also called: glucose-fructose, isoglucose and glucose-fructose syrup

Be aware of HFCS (Part I) – 30 day challenge

Challenge • 1 taker

In Part I you will need to read ALL food labels and identify and be aware of HFCS. Look at any items you have in your cupboards, favourite foods you buy without looking at the labels and share your findings. Purge your kitchen! If you want to have some...

10 Day World's Greatest Stretch Challenge

Challenge • 3 takers

Do you sit a lot? Then this stretch is for you to stretch out and open up our body after sitting in flexion all day. That is why the World’s Greatest Stretch is such a great exercise for us to do. With just 1 move and less than 5 minutes, we can open u...

30 day Crow pose challenge

Challenge • 1 taker

The only way to improve is to practise daily. You should be able to hold the crow pose for at least 20 seconds before starting this challenge. The aim is to start with 10-200 seconds daily and increase the duration of holding this pose and also correct an...

30 Day beginner's Chin Up Challenge

Challenge • 2 takers

This challenge is aimed at beginners who can currently only do single chin ups. The aim is to increase the number of singles (and maybe consecutive) chin ups over the 30 days. Number of reps per day can be found in the picture.


Challenge • 20 takers

Last weekend of every month in 2017 is TS VIRTUAL SPORTS DAY Take challenge, get as many partners, friends, family, pets and do whatever sport you like Running, Walking, Hiking, Cycling, Skating, Skiing or anything you choose. Check in each month before ...

Burns Night fitness challenge

Challenge • 2 takers

Burns Night (January 25th) marks the annual celebration of Scotland's national poet Robert Burns. To complete the challenge perform some kind of notable exercise or activity on this day and then post a description of what you have done in the form of a...

Become a friendly runner

Challenge • 10 takers

The aim of this challenge is to make being friendly when your out on a run a habit so why not say hi or wave to everyone you pass when your out on your run. They may not respond but hey, least your being friendly, you never know you might meet a running bu...

Dance for 30 mins everyday for a year

Challenge • 1 taker

Make exercise fun again and just dance away as the challenge states. Dance anyway for at least 30 minutes everyday for 365 days. Have fun and dance the pounds away!

20 Plank Jacks per day for 10 days

Challenge • 4 takers

Great exercise for strengthening the core and lower back, it can also be performed anywhere with the need for any equipment. Muscle Groups Worked: Rectus Abdominis, obliques, adductors, abductors and gluteus maximus.

Log 500 Plank Jacks in 1 Month

Challenge • 5 takers

Plank Jacks strengthen shoulders and core while incorporating cardio. 1.Start in the plank position but with the elbows bent and the weight resting on the forearms 2.The body should form a straight line from the shoulders to ankles 3.Engage the core ...

Fitness / sports goals for the starting year

Challenge • 10 takers

Time to review last year. Did you hit your goals and if not, why? And how about the starting year? A great way to hit your goals is to really think about them, write them down and plan them. Telling people can give you the extra motivation as there's nothin...

Travel 2017 miles in 2017

Challenge • 19 takers

Simple as that, travel (walking, running, cycling, rowing, etc) 2017 miles in 2017. You can backdate to Jan 1st. For a more specific challenge, try this one:

Travel 2017 km in 2017

Challenge • 19 takers

Simple as that, travel (walking, running, cycling, rowing, etc) 2017 km in 2017. You can backdate to Jan 1st. Once completed, advance to this one: For a more specific challenge, t...

Run 2017 km in 2017

Challenge • 3 takers

Beginning Jan 1st, start running. 5.52 km per day + 2.2 extra km somewhere before Dec 31st, or any which way you like as long as you reach 2017 km before midnight on Dec 31st 2017. Post your progress here.

Parkrun voluntourism - 20 venues

Challenge • 1 taker

Following but now allowing the aforementioned 5 and any before and after volunteer at a total of 20 different official parkrun venues (junior parkruns are allowed if you choose). It...

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