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Walk 1/4 mile (403m) bare feet

Challenge • 1 taker

This is just one in a series of bare feet walking. Recent research has shown that there are benefits to be gained by walking bare feet.

Olympic Distance Triathlon a week for a year

Challenge • 2 takers

This is for endurance athletes: Swim 1.5km, Cycle 40km, Run 10km every week for a year. If you are short in any of the disciplines one week, make sure to catch up the following week to total 78km Swimming, 2080km cycling and 520km Running at the end of the...

Run at least 5 times at 5 different parkrun events

Challenge • 3 takers

This challenge brings together regular parkrunning and parkrun tourism. To complete you need to have run at least 5 times at each of 5 different parkrun events. Old runs count but from taking the challenge you must have run at least once in each of thos...

100 Mountain climbers a day for 10 days

Challenge • 2 takers

Do 100 Mountain Climbers a day for the next 10 days. In one go or in sets depending on your fitness level 1 rep = 1 left + 1 right Mountain Climber

Participate at a parkrun on the same day as a celebrity

Challenge • 2 takers

More and more celebrities and retired and current sports stars are taking part in running events and parkruns. This challenge, starting from when you take it, is to run or volunteer at a parkrun event where a celebrity also runs or is credited as a volunte...

30 days skipping and burpee challenge

Challenge • 1 taker

For this challenge you need to do 500 skips, 5 times a week and days 6&7 do 20 burpee each day. Repeat for weeks 2 - 4. Days can be interchanged but it has to come to a total of 10,000 skips 160 burpees

20 Weighted Hip Raises for 7 days

Challenge • 1 taker

The hip thrust and its variations are great for: Improving: glute strength & size, aesthetics of glutes (higher, rounder, firmer), performance in athletics.Reducing overall risk of injury, as strong glutes can help take stress off the lower back and also p...

Easy Running Challenge II

Challenge • 3 takers

Continuation from Easy Running Challenge I and a slight increase of time: Run a total of 80 minutes per week for 4 weeks. This can be 1 run or as many as you want per week to reach the total of 80 minutes. . ******Indoors/outdoors******

Volunteer at parkrun 50 times!

Challenge • 2 takers

We all love parkrun, right? Prove it - volunteer for parkrun 50 times! No special t-shirt for this milestone (yet), so least you can complete another challenge on Tribesports!!!

Run 10 marathons of the same event.

Challenge • 2 takers

Usually running ten x the same marathon will lead you into a hall off fame albeit aquiring your own special singlet and bib number to be proud of. You do not have to run them in succession - so you can take your time over years if you want... to reach thi...

Run 1500m in less than 4:50

Challenge • 1 taker

Run 1500m (really should be on the athletics track for accurate distance measurement) in less than 4:50 (4 minutes 50 seconds). If you are looking for similar road/trail challenges then there are many 'run a mile in....' challenges that might be more sui...

22 Day Push Up Challenge

Challenge • 0 takers

The 22-Day Push-Up Challenge with a twist... Add a set on each day. Day One - 1 x 22, Day Two - 2 x 22, Day Three - 3 x 22 and so on up until Day Twenty-Two - 22 x 22. I'm on Day 14 and have 5 sets done so far today. And it's hurting...

Try a MetaFit Class

Challenge • 2 takers

Created by a former Royal Marine Commando, Metafit(™) combines the latest HIIT training techniques with traditional 'Old school' bodyweight exercises to set the metabolism on fire! Do a MetaFit class and let us know how it went.

Parkrun A-Z (24 different letters)

Challenge • 3 takers

Complete an official parkrun (running only) in locations starting with 24 different letters of the alphabet. Previous runs are allowed. Currently there is no parkrun beginning with X and the only Zs are in Poland & Russia so for now this challenge will com...

Complete 200 runs in a year

Challenge • 3 takers

I noticed there was a gap between complete 150 runs in a year and complete 250 runs in a year and so created this challenge. It's simple really, just complete 200 runs in one year (any rolling 365 day period), each run should be a minimum of 1 mile, enjoy...

Concept 2 Fall Team Challenge 2016

Challenge • 5 takers

The Concept 2 Fall Team Challenge is a team challenge that runs from September 15th to October 15th 2016. The aim is to row as many metres as you can for your chosen team. Tribesports will have a team, so let's see how many metres we can collectively accu...

Lose Weight to 8 kgs In Just A Week!

Challenge • 0 takers

Are you a victim of death….by chocolate ? Have you ever been caught up, stealing….cupcakes and pastries ? Do you have a mental breakdown…when you look at yourself in the mirror ? Do others have a mental breakdown, when they look at you in the m...

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