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Complete 15 Chin Ups in one Day.

Challenge • 22 takers

The Benefits of Chin Ups: => Strengthening your back Strengthening the muscles in your back will also have the effect of pulling your shoulders back and greatly improving your posture. Most of the people's posture is compromised because of sitting to...

100 squats under 3 mins

Challenge • 28 takers

I made this challenge so you can see what time do you need to complete 100 squats in a row! I've tested myself, and it was 3mins. Don't go too much for speed neither for form, but find the middle, the average speed and the fine form.

Run 3.5 miles without stopping

Challenge • 27 takers

Aimed at beginner runner to build up the miles - simply run for 3.5 miles (5.6km) without stopping or walking. Complete your run as fast or as slow as you like, either inside on the treadmill or outside in the fresh air - the choice is yours!

Keep a food log for a week

Challenge • 25 takers

It takes 21 days to form a habit, but let’s star with 7. Commit to logging and keeping track of your food intake for ONE week. It can be online or in your own note book. If you want to do it online and http://caloriecount.ab...

Walk Run 10K Distance

Challenge • 29 takers

Why run the entire distance? Many people incorporate regular walk breaks into their distance running, and others walk when they need to. So many of these challenges are "Run without stopping" but I challenge you to start and finish, regardless of whether or...

Vampires vs. Werewolves - Running Challenge

Challenge • 9 takers

Team theme challenge for the Month of October. Team with the most km's on October 31st wins. Challenge starts on Oct. 1. Check the "Takers" tab to see who joined which team last and we'll alternate on which team to join from there. Any walking, skipping...

Hold the boat position for 1:30 every day for 14 days

Challenge • 55 takers

Once you've managed to hold the position for one minute every day for 14 days (, why not try it for 50% longer. This challenge is to hold the position for 1 minute 30 seco...

Padangusttasana/ Toe stand pose

Challenge • 50 takers

This pose is one of the 26 Bikram poses and is easier when developed from the tree pose It Creates balance and focus in body and mind, strengthens stomach muscles, strengthens joints (hips, knees, ankles and toes) and helps relieve arthritis in all leg jo...


Challenge • 48 takers

10K nightime run through woodland.

Hit 4 Four's in an Over

Challenge • 64 takers

It is tough enough hitting four's throughout an innings let along more than one in an over. This challenge is to hit four four's in an over. This can be in school game, league game or friendly, but it has to be in a formal setting, casual games down the pa...

Win a Tie Break

Challenge • 32 takers

End a tense and fiercely competive game by winning a tie break.

Little Thunderbolt Pose

Challenge • 55 takers This pose increases spinal flexibility, opens the throat, chest and quads and strengthens the abs. It is an intense backbend so beginners may want to start with Camel pose which is a more moderate version.

Strength Training for Runners

Challenge • 55 takers

Running consistently often causes injury. This is likely due to a difference in muscle parity in opposing muscle groups. Often the muscles of the front of the body of runners are stronger, and when the front muscles are stronger, they tend to tighten or s...

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