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Remove white sugar from your food!

Challenge • 29 takers

White sugar and HFCS (High fructose corn syrup) ahs been associated with all the obesity and heart related problems. I urge every body to remove anything that comes loaded with white sugar and/or HFCS from their daily diet.

Don't eat your Dinner

Challenge • 40 takers

This is a challenge to get us thinking about whether we are eating because the food is in front of us or whether we are still hungry. For this challenge try stopping eating before you have finished (ie. before you have emptied your plate) Think about whethe...

Run at an average pace of 11 min mile or less

Challenge • 18 takers

Not all of us are at a level of 5 or 6 min mile paces but we still work hard at our level. This challenge is for you, slower runners like me on our way to those faster mile paces. So if you're trying to beat the 11 min mile pace, go for it. Start slowly and...

Mountain Trekking

Challenge • 25 takers

In order to complete this challenge you simply need to go trekking in the mountains for a reasonable length of time (at least 2 hours). Any mountain, any range, any country, as long as its classified as a ‘mountain’ and you have a vertical gain of at least...

Run Outside for a Month Without Music

Challenge • 27 takers

This challenge might seem difficult at first for those that always run outside with their iPod or MP3 player. Try it for one whole month. You just might enjoy it. Use your runs to clear your mind and really get in tune with your breathing and the mind/body...

Drink Green Tea every day for a month

Challenge • 40 takers

Green tea provides a lot of antioxidants, which help your skin, your fat loss and, try this challenge for a month, for an easy boost for your health.

Buddy up for a Training Run on the Weekend

Challenge • 30 takers

Training with a buddy helps to motive and spur you on. Find a buddy to run with you over the weekend. Choose whatever distance suits your training. Your buddy can run with you, or could be a virtual buddy who is running in a different location. Be sure to e...

Do 25 Chair Dips a day for 2 weeks

Challenge • 36 takers

Done the 20 dips for a week? Now try 25 for 2 weeks. Another easy exercise to do in your room. Tone your biceps, triceps and shoulders

Run with your dog

Challenge • 19 takers

Go running with your dog. OR take a friends dog running. Any distance longer then 1Km. Make sure the dog is fit and able to run the same distance as you. Just like humans, dogs need to work up to distance and speed. Make sure you have water for your ca...

12 days of christmas - #2

Challenge • 16 takers

1 - min plank 2 - burpees Putting it up the 27th December. All challenges in the "12 days of christmas" challenge are easy and can be done by everyone everywhere. Up for it?

Run 10K in 54 Mins

Challenge • 32 takers

HI if you are like me every little counts so this is a series of 10k times taking down to under 50 mins as this was the only one i could find after sub 1 hr ..

Crunch to a different song every day for 7 days

Challenge • 37 takers

I liked so much the crunch to a song challenge ( that I decided to do that for 7 days in a row, every time on a different song. I'm inviting you to do the same (also, do share the music and do tell how...

Complete 15 Chin Ups in one Day.

Challenge • 20 takers

The Benefits of Chin Ups: => Strengthening your back Strengthening the muscles in your back will also have the effect of pulling your shoulders back and greatly improving your posture. Most of the people's posture is compromised because of sitting to...

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