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Mountain Trekking

Challenge • 22 takers

In order to complete this challenge you simply need to go trekking in the mountains for a reasonable length of time (at least 2 hours). Any mountain, any range, any country, as long as its classified as a ‘mountain’ and you have a vertical gain of at least...

100 squats under 3 mins

Challenge • 28 takers

I made this challenge so you can see what time do you need to complete 100 squats in a row! I've tested myself, and it was 3mins. Don't go too much for speed neither for form, but find the middle, the average speed and the fine form.

Buddy up for a Training Run on the Weekend

Challenge • 28 takers

Training with a buddy helps to motive and spur you on. Find a buddy to run with you over the weekend. Choose whatever distance suits your training. Your buddy can run with you, or could be a virtual buddy who is running in a different location. Be sure to e...

Burn Baby Burn - 3,500 Calories this week

Challenge • 29 takers

What can you do to burn 3,500 calories this week? Challenge yourself to increase your cardio activity to burn baby burn. Increase your time at the gym, go for a walk at lunchtime, hula hoop at home or make up a dance/excercise routine with fun moves. 1 p...

Run with your dog

Challenge • 18 takers

Go running with your dog. OR take a friends dog running. Any distance longer then 1Km. Make sure the dog is fit and able to run the same distance as you. Just like humans, dogs need to work up to distance and speed. Make sure you have water for your ca...

Pole Dancing - Right Leg hang

Challenge • 28 takers

Support entire weight with right thigh - no hands on pole - pull your left hand to hold your left foot. Come out via another inversion and onto your feet or splits.


Challenge • 26 takers

Hey YOU! yeah you!! I challange you to add an extra ten minutes to your workouts, every workout for the next two weeks! Push yourself hard, and think positive! you can do it!! :D

Maintain Commuting Average Speed Over 20KM/H

Challenge • 29 takers

Try and keep you average speed over 20km/h during your commute to work. Best measured with a cycle computer which stops when you stop at traffic lights, etc. This challenge is all about accelerating up to top speed as soon as possible and so hopefully this...

Run 10K in 54 Mins

Challenge • 33 takers

HI if you are like me every little counts so this is a series of 10k times taking down to under 50 mins as this was the only one i could find after sub 1 hr ..

5 minutes to splits every day

Challenge • 60 takers

Work on your splits for 5 minutes a day for a month, or until you can do the splits! You can choose sideways (straddle) or forwards (scissor) splits.

AVOID the grocery store snack aisle for 1 week

Challenge • 19 takers

Stop eating potato chips, popcorn, cookies, candy, ice cream, cakes, etc. The ingredients in these foods make you want to eat more and the companies who make these snack foods know you'll stay addicted to them (even after you gained lots of weight eating th...

Indoor spinning at least three days per week

Challenge • 30 takers

This challenge is to incorporate a great deal of cardio and resistance training without lifting weights. Spinning is a great workout that is upbeat and keeps you motivated. You can choose between 30 mins or 60 mins classes. It may be difficult at first but...

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