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Kayak the Nantahala

Challenge • 0 takers

Kayak the Nantahala River in North Carolina. If you swim, that's fine. This river is mainly class II,but does have a small amount of class III (Nantahala falls). NO rafts, canoes, paddle boards,et cetera. Please, wear a PFD and a helmet. Just a suggestion...

Kayak the Hiwassee River

Challenge • 1 taker

Using a sit on top kayak or cock pit boat of your choice, kayak the Hiwassee River in Tennessee. Should be a breeze for seasoned white water boaters,and a lot fun for those just starting out in white water! The river is a class 1-2. The only rule? You hav...

Deadlift 60% of your body weight

Challenge • 6 takers

The primary benefits of deadlifting are increased strength and muscle mass. Because deadlift is a compound movement it utilizes nearly every major muscle of your body as well as the small stabilizer muscles in your body. Read more: http://www.thedeadlift...

Deadlift 55% of your body weight

Challenge • 5 takers

Dead lifts are an excellent exercise for developing overall muscular strength and mass throughout the entire body, particularly in the glutes, back, hamstrings and quadriceps Read more:

Deadlift 50% of your body weight

Challenge • 6 takers

Dead lifts are an excellent exercise for developing overall muscular strength and mass throughout the entire body, particularly in the glutes, back, hamstrings and quadriceps. Read more:

Jog your FIRST mile.

Challenge • 8 takers

Have you just started jogging/running? Are you building up your endurance to run your fist mile? Challenge yourself, push yourself, and make that mile!

No meat pies for a month

Challenge • 9 takers

As a continuation of my “no meat pies for a week” I hope that I can graduate on to a whole month without these delicious little pastry morsels!! Join me, support me, help me beat the evil pie empire!!

No meat pies for a week

Challenge • 9 takers

Since I have returned to live full time in New Zealand I have been hamstrung in my fitness goals by the awesome meat pies available here!! So I need to avoid them, and so do you!! Join me in this stand against these tasty but evil goodies!! Just start with...


Challenge • 13 takers

This work out will help you to loose your weight quickly and increase your strength .. try to do as many as you can in starting day try till you reach our target 100 each push ups, sit ups & squats in 10 minutes with little breaks between each sets.

Beat Your Last Duathlon 4k x 20k x 4k Time

Challenge • 1 taker

Pretty much straight forward. Join your local Duathlon organizer and sign up for the Long course. The 4 x 20 x 4 is just a basis. So whatever your local Long Duathlon event is, as against the sprint/ short event is what you want to join and complete for...

Sunday Hiking Challenge

Challenge • 26 takers

Use any free or quiet weekends, to do at least a Sunday Hike!...This challenge I think is good for beginners and walkers looking to get into regular routines to increase fitness levels. At your own pace increase the length and difficulty of hikes. Can be us...

One portion of all you eat (except fruits and vegetables)...

Challenge • 5 takers

Portioning and paying attention to serving sizes is difficult for me and I'm sure several other people. So this 7-day challenge is to eat just one portion of any food item you choose to eat. You can have more than one serving of food in each meal or snack,...

7-Minute Workout 7 days a week

Challenge • 32 takers

The exercises should be performed in rapid succession, allowing 30 seconds for each, while, throughout, the intensity hovers at about an 8 on a discomfort scale of 1 to 10. Those seven minutes should be, in a word, unpleasant. The upside is, after seven min...

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