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Learn the jewel move (belly dance)

Challenge • 2 takers

I learned a slightly different move called a "jewel", but I'm far from mastering it, so I cannot complete the challenge until I do... This is the closest thing I found - a preparation for this very fluid move (she's exaggerating the jewel to break it down:...

Give back half

Challenge • 3 takers

This one's pretty simple, but will take a small amount of planning ahead as far as meals are concerned. All you have to do is work off half of the calories that you take in in one day through exercise (daily walks from the car and down the hall for coffee d...

Dance in a show

Challenge • 3 takers

Dance (solo or in a group) in front of an audience - even friends or family. Doesn't matter if it's an "official" stage or simply an idea during a get-together... It's a great excuse to have a dance attire ready to go. :) If you want to get your danc...

Inner Thigh Tonner

Challenge • 29 takers

Do it every other day for at least a Month. Continue if you love the results.

Run 5km in less than 26 minutes

Challenge • 6 takers

Setting myself gradual improvement goals over the next couple of months so why not join me. Run 5km in less than 26 minutes (outdoor or treadmill).

no fried food for 60 days

Challenge • 3 takers

follow up to no fried food for a week. There is already a challenge for a month so why not 60 days for those of you who want to continue? Same rules no pan fried of deep fried food.

3 Morning Runs in one week.

Challenge • 31 takers

It is not always easy to get up before dawn for an early morning jog. Hitting the snooze button can be so tempting, especially in winter! This challenge is simple: Pick three days in the same week and force yourself to get up early, before work or doing any...

keep a food log for three weeks straight

Challenge • 15 takers

OKAY now we are talking. Let's keep this going continuing from the keep a food log for two weeks straight challenge, let's make it three weeks in a row to solidify the habit of logging our food. Must complete week one:

Breakfast Salad - a 30 Day Experiment

Challenge • 4 takers

Since reading “Born to Run,” I've been intrigued by the idea of eating salad for breakfast. It was described in the book both as a way for runners to increase energy levels and to reduce body fat. I've previously gone through periods of eating fruit salad ...

60 Jack Knifes for a six pack for 7 days

Challenge • 12 takers

Jack-knife sit ups are a great, low-impact exercise for strengthening abdomen muscles. They are also essential towards achieving a six pack. Steps: 1. Lie flat on the floor with your legs straight. 2. Extend your arms straight back behind your head. 3...

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