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25 Overhead Presses (5 times in 7 days)

Challenge • 6 takers

Hold a pair of dumbbells just outside your shoulders, palms facing each other (a). Press the weights directly overhead until your arms are completely straight (b). Pause, then slowly lower back to the starting position. That's one rep.  Choose the weight...

Calf stretches (1 min each side, 10 times in 2 weeks)

Challenge • 15 takers

Stand up. Place 1 foot 1-2 feet behind the other. Then slowly move forward, while keeping your heel on the ground, until you feel a light stretch in your calf. Hold for 1 minute Repeat with the other leg. Source:

Hiking in North Wales -- Gwaenysgor - Llanasa near Presta...

Challenge • 0 takers

This walk features superb view from the summit of Gop Hill, ranging from Blackpool Tower to the mountains of Snowdonia. Legend associates the large Bronze Age cairn (14 metres high and 100 metres wide) on the summit with Queen Boadicea's final resting place...

Lazy daisy Run

Challenge • 19 takers

just run for the joy of being outside!!! Choose a sunny day ...maybe too hot for your normal run???? Dip in and out of the shade ...stop and look at the scenery ...walk if you want!!! Just Enjoy!!!!!!!

"Death Sprints"

Challenge • 20 takers

Find a nice steep hill and do MAX SPEED hill sprints until you really CAN'T anymore...then PUSH yourself for two more and aim to improve with at least two more the next time you do it!! The only rest you may take is when you reach the top and turn around to...

Complete 60 Bikram Yoga Classes in 60 Days

Challenge • 1 taker

The Challenge consists of completing 60 classes in 60 days. By doing one class per day for 60 days you effectively integrate yoga into your daily routine, making it an indispensable part of your life. During the Challenge you may notice changes in your bo...

Unsupported one-arm rows (10 each side, 7 times in 2 weeks)

Challenge • 13 takers

Hold a kettlebell in your right hand, left hand on your lower back, and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Lower your torso until it's almost parallel to the floor, keeping your back flat and knees slightly bent and letting your right arm hang from...

Kettlebell Windmill (10 each side, 7 times in 2 weeks)

Challenge • 14 takers

CORE TARGET: Obliques (side abs) Grab a kettlebell with your left hand & stand with your feet more than hip-width apart. Bring the weight next to your left shoulder, then press it overhead (a). Rotate your chest to the left and look up at the kettlebell as...

Curtsy Lunge and Sword Draw Challenge for 1 month

Challenge • 5 takers

Hold one end of the band in your right hand, the other under your right foot. Cross your left leg behind you and drop into a curtsy lunge. Lift your right elbow diagonally, fist in front of your shoulder. Without moving your upper arm, raise your fist. Paus...

Olympic Distance Bike Run Block Session (50k)

Challenge • 6 takers

This can be done in the gym or at your local bike track or anywhere you can easily track your distance. It is 5 back to back block sessions that will take you up to Olympic triathlon distances. 8k Bike into 2k run 5 times back to back. It is a great sessi...

30 Day Water Challenge

Challenge • 33 takers

This is a great way to cleanse your system. I'm doing this right now. i saw it on facebook. It's about drinking nothing but water for 30 days. no soda, no juices, nothing but water.

Supported Split (30 seconds each side, 7 times in 2 weeks)

Challenge • 10 takers

Before trying out a full split, doing this stretch with a block is a great way to ease into it. Please read the information from this link on how to perform this pose.

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