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Eat junk food only once per week

Challenge • 9 takers

This challenge aims to slowly make people change their bad eating habits. Start with some fresh fruits in the morning (leave out the coffee if you can). Eat a lot of vegetables with some carbohydrates and proteins for lunch and try to miss out on the carboh...

Do 25 station dips for 5 days

Challenge • 7 takers

Simply do 25 station dips at the gym, for 5 days...Shouldn't be too hard if you've done the previous challenge {25 dips consecutively, only one day}.

Enjoy a beach workout: yoga, jog and splash

Challenge • 4 takers

Begin by embracing the sun by executing 5 Sun Salutations. After 5 minutes of warming up on the beach (include exercises such as hamstring stretch, calf stretches, a few squats and lunges) enjoy a slow jog along the beach - @15 minutes. Cool down by splashi...

Monitor your diet for a week

Challenge • 12 takers

I saw this picture on Facebook the other night and it really made me feel ill. So its time to closely look at your eating and drinking habits for a whole week and definitely covering the weekend! Note anything you aren't happy about and post it to the...

Twist and Detox

Challenge • 23 takers Give your digestive system a natural boost with this twisting, detoxifying practice. This sequence by Kathryn Budig, from the Yoga Journal To Go podcast series, is designed to cleanse both your body and clear yo...

6-Week Lifestyle Makeover Challenge

Challenge • 17 takers

If you do the same thing consistently for a month, it becomes a habit. If you do it for six months, it becomes second nature. Let's start off with six weeks and go from there! Create a daily schedule for you to follow with defined bed and wake-up times, req...

30 Day Arm Challenge by Jodi Higgs

Challenge • 99 takers

30 Day Arm Challenge... Follow work out routine... Adjust when needed so as not to cause injury... You may do work routine in smaller sets... See notes below image for further tips

Yoga Practice for Runners, 20min Sequence by Ekhart Yoga

Challenge • 259 takers

Practice this yoga class 1-3 times a week to balance the repetitive action of running on the body. During this yoga routine you work on over-all strength, flexibility and it will increase awareness of your posture as a runner. Also it will help to relax the...

Yoga for Runners, Cooling Down Sequence by Ekhart Yoga

Challenge • 35 takers

Stretch out your body after a run to keep your muscles healthy and loose. Stretching out properly will prevent unnecessary injury. You can do this sequence outside as well, no need for a mat or dry earth.. See the video at

Yoga for Runners, Warming Up Sequence by Ekhart Yoga

Challenge • 27 takers

Warm up your legs, hips and upper body before your run. Your run will be more pleasant and your body happier. Use this practice to balance strength and increase your range of movement. See the video

Shoot 100 Free-throws a Day and Track Your Percentage

Challenge • 2 takers

Shoot 100 free-throws a day and track your percentage. You should track your percentage because it will let you realize if you're getting better, worse, or staying the same. Now just get out there and make yourself a better player.

50 Russian Twists 3 times in 1 week

Challenge • 21 takers

The Russian twist is an effective exercise for developing the abs, and is performed by rotating the body from side to side with the body in a v position. The Russian twist exercise will improve core strength, stability, coordination and overall balance

Complete 100 reps per arm dumbbell row today

Challenge • 9 takers

Pick a weight you can do about 20 reps per arm with (for me its 20kg), then alternating arms perform a total of 100 per arm over the course of a day to get a great workout for your middle back, biceps, lats and shoulders. Make sure the bench, chair or d...

20 clamshells for 28 days

Challenge • 11 takers

Lie on your left side with your hips and knees bent 45 degrees. Stack your right leg on top of your left leg, heels together. Keeping your feet together and your bottom leg on the floor, raise your other knee as high as you can without your heels coming apa...

No popcorn for two weeks!!

Challenge • 17 takers

Air popped popcorn that isn't doused in butter can be a healthy snack. Unfortunately, all the varieties at the cinema, and in the grocery stores (toffee, butter, caramel, sugar and salt, sour cream, cheddar etc.) aren't very good for you. Can be ridiculousl...

30 Day Reboot Detox

Challenge • 2 takers

See the group on Facebook. These guys know what they are talking about and give great advice and support. You can find them on Facebook or go to their website:

Core training for martial artists (3 weeks)

Challenge • 6 takers

1 w:3 sets/Reverse Crunch/15 reps 3 sets/Crunch/10 reps 2 sets/Oblique Crunches/15 reps 2 w:3 sets/Reverse Crunch/10 reps 3 sets/Swiss ball Crunch (full range ) 10 reps 2 sets/Woodchop exercise (with cable) 15 reps l&r leg 3 w:3 sets/Reverse Crunch(on...

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