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Shoot an Archery Round - New Western

Challenge • 0 takers

Shoot a New Western Archery Round and post your scores. This is a senior outdoor round with imperial scoring. 4 dozen arrows at 100 yards 4 dozen arrows at 80 yards

Shoot an Archery Round - New National

Challenge • 0 takers

Shoot a New National Archery Round and post your scores. This is a senior outdoor round with imperial scoring. 4 dozen arrows at 100 yards 2 dozen arrows at 80 yards

Go two weeks without protein shake!

Challenge • 4 takers

Ok this challenge doesn't mean give up protein - but instead you have to get it from whole foods! means you have to change your diet, and experiment with new food! :) Have fun with this! Cans of Tuna, Eggs, Milk, Red meat, white meat, fish, beans,...

Take a Cold Shower

Challenge • 33 takers

Taking a cold shower: -gives you energy -improves blood circulation -keeps skin healthy -keeps hair healthy -helps migrate depression -strengthens the immune system -increases testosterone -increases fertility

Groin Stretch 2

Challenge • 28 takers

This stretch is meant to get your inner thigh, aka your groin. Step to the side as if doing a sideways lunge and focus on lengthening your straight leg. Hold for 30 seconds on each leg. Do twice a day for 3 days.

Calisthenics Challenge, 200 - 100

Challenge • 14 takers

Did this today & thought it might prove popular, from 'Calisthenic Kingz' on Facebook; 100 PULL-UPS 200 PUSH-UPS Has to be done in 20 minutes with good form maintained throughout :-) Did mine in 16.58

Run 5km in less than 27 minutes

Challenge • 24 takers

Setting myself gradual improvement goals over the next couple of months so why not join me. Run 5km in less than 27 minutes (outdoor or treadmill).

The Tour of Wessex

Challenge • 0 takers

The Tour of Wessex is the biggest Multi stage cyclosportive in the World. Expect quintisentially English countryside though the lanes and byways of the South West. Each individual stage has its own unique mix of monuments, history and challenging terrain wh...

Run the Mileage of ur Car's Capacity

Challenge • 1 taker

ie. Your car capacity is 2300 cc., the total horse power is 500 & the passenger capacity is 5 seaters. Total Mileage = 2300 + 500 x 5 = 14,000 km

Run the Mileage of ur House's Floor Area

Challenge • 1 taker

ie. Total Floor Area of your house (90 square-feet) mutilple by the maximum height of your house (7.5 metres) & no. of years (15) live in this household & also the no. of people in this household is (6). Total Mileage = 90 x 15 x 7.5 x 6 = 60,750 km

Run the Mileage in all completed Official Races in this/l...

Challenge • 2 takers

ie. If you have 12 Races spreaded over this year. Total Mileage clocked on Races = 10 km + 15 km + 16.8 km +18 km + 21.098 km + 25 km + 31.5 km + 32 km + 42.195 km + 75 km + 84.39 km + 128.195 km = 424.178 x 12 = 5090.136 km All you have to do is ad...

Run ur Mileage by adding all your family members Weight &...

Challenge • 2 takers

ie. Total no. of Family Members = 4. (1) Your weight 75 kg, your husband/wife weight 70 kg, your father weight 85 kg & your mother weight 80 kg. (2) Your height 172, your husband/wife height 175, your father height 178 & your mother height 176. Total Mil...

Run ur Mileage by multiplying ur Age with ur Year born

Challenge • 1 taker

i.e. year 1970 x age 43 = 84,710 km You can also take a glance at your Training Tab, for the the running distance logged. So if u have 3,000 km logged, all you have to do is to continue logging from 3,000 km onwards until you hit the Mileage of ur year ...

Train in both hemispheres in two days

Challenge • 3 takers

Perfect for those travelling to an idyllic destination, try a run or maybe your exercise routine in one hemisphere then the next day after you cross the equator repeat in the other hemisphere.

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