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No/extreme low carbs for 30 days

Challenge • 8 takers

I have been on this low carb/no carb diet for a few months now. I LOVE carbs especially rice, noodles, bread. But apparently, it piles up to my fats even if i workout. So people, low carbs/no carbs who's in?

Test your bench press against the YMCA standard

Challenge • 12 takers

For men do as many reps with 80lbs (36kg) For women do as many reps as you can with 35lbs (16kg) Find out if you are excellent, average or below average by comparing your test results against these standards.

Egg and Spoon race

Challenge • 1 taker

An egg-and-spoon race is a sporting event in which participants must balance an egg or similarly shaped item upon a spoon and race it to the finishing line. Great game for parties or when there are friends around!!!!

52 in 52

Challenge • 2 takers

The Challenge is to run 52 Half Marathons (or longer), in 52 Weeks... sound silly... well I am doing it for Hospice. All the events will be races and I ran the first one last weekend with the T42 Trail Marathon near National Park in New Zealand, So far I...

Gorilla Pull Ups Till You Fail.

Challenge • 7 takers

Do as many Gorilla Pull Ups as you can and post your results. Inspired by

Deck of cards workout challenge

Challenge • 16 takers

Shuffle a deck of cards; take the top card and perform a number of reps of the following exercises : Hearts - Squats (x2 the number on the card) Clubs - Legs lift + reverse crunch (x2 the no. on the card) Diamonds - Push ups Spades - Star jumps (x10 th...

10 Days Fasting on Water

Challenge • 9 takers

10 days fasting and praying. Water only. 9 May to 19 may 2013 End on Sunday with Global Day of Prayer Do prayer walking during this fast. Spend at least 30 minutes each day in reading God's Word and praying for people.

Run and Log 5 DIFFERENT parkrun courss : FROM TODAY!! NO ...

Challenge • 12 takers

Run and record 5 different parkrun course - starting from TODAY ( the day you TAKE the challenge) - NO BACKSIES. Record the date and location in the challenge. Hey folks .. this challenge is about running OFFICIAL parkrun courses ..(see http://www.parkr...

Try a Herbal/ Detox Tea (Free from Twinings)

Challenge • 12 takers

This is a challenge to help you detox. Not sure if herbal teas are for you, or just want a freebie? Go to and select 'FREE TEA - A new You' Choose 2 teas and wait a week or so for them to arrive and then Enjoy ! Click C...

Celebrate Mother's Day with exercise

Challenge • 7 takers

On Mother's Day why not celebrate being a fit, active Mum by engaging in some form of exercise? For me this is going to be the official Mother's Day Classic - 8km run in Melbourne. You could take the kids and the dog for a walk, enjoy a family bike ride or...

Dartmoor Vale Marathon/Half Marathon

Challenge • 0 takers

Enter the Dartmoor Vale Marathon or Half Marathon and complete the race, a challenging hilly course in places, and if your up for the marathon you do it twice !!!

punishment for facebook!

Challenge • 13 takers

to complete this challenge you have to take note of how long your on facebook (total 14 days). then for every 10 mins you spend on it, you have to do 1 rep of any of these; squats crunches (any veriation) push ups burpies lunges you should aim to spe...

Run to the Top of Your Local Volcano

Challenge • 2 takers

In anticipation of a semi-organised run I'm taking part in where I will be running to the top of 7 local volcanoes (the real keen are doing 14) here is an interesting little challenge. All you have to do is run/walk/jog/hike to the top of your local volc...

Walk on the top of the Ayers Rock

Challenge • 1 taker

Walk up to the top of the Ayers Rock through the hard wind. 837meters to climb by walking. Be careful, the rock is very sliding

Take a wicket in cricket 'Caught and Bowled'

Challenge • 1 taker

A fairly straightforward challenge. When bowling in cricket, take a wicket of a batsmen by taking the catch off your own bowling - caught and bowled. It could be a shot driven straight back into your hands, a swing sending the ball high into the air and y...

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