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Make a Food Plan for 7 Days

Challenge • 26 takers

Maybe you are on a diet, working out or just trying to eat healthy. Making your own food plan will help you staying on track. Eating enough and often enough will keep your blood sugar and energy more stable. Include all meals, in-between meals and snacks...

10 Minutes Workout for 7 Days

Challenge • 13 takers

10 MIN X 7 DAY CHALLENGE 10 Minutes of sweating EVERY DAY for 7 days. You may do ANYTHING during the 10 minutes as long as you build up a good sweat and have to catch your breath. Go to the tribe for busy people and share your progress: http://tri...

Beat the Red Panda

Challenge • 4 takers

To complete this challenge and beat the Red Panda, do more than 5 Ring Muscle Ups. Here is the Panda on video:

The body fat percentage challenge

Challenge • 19 takers

Get yourself from an "Obese" to a "Athlete" body fat percentage rating. You can measure yourself according to the following link:

Dance in your living room to funky music for 10 minutes

Challenge • 29 takers

This is one way to make yourself happy if you get down - or just do it for the hell of it after a crazy day! You'll be surprised - your family might give you funny looks but they seriously will not care. They may even join in.

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