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Ultimate Pull Up Challenge

Challenge • 22 takers

The goal is to reach 200 hundred pull ups in less then an hour. The grip can be any way you want, but your chin must come above your knuckles. You can take as many breaks as you like. Remember time is of the essence. For those interested in the challenge bu...

Trunk Stability Push Up Test

Challenge • 6 takers

The trunk stability push-up is a single repetition, difficult version of the common push-up. It is used as a basic observation of reflex core stabilisation. It is not a measure of strength since only one repetition is required. The push-up movement patte...

Lotus pose 10 minutes

Challenge • 15 takers

All you have to do is sit in this pose for 10 minutes. Can be done while studying, watching tv or playing games

Lotus pose for 5 minutes

Challenge • 20 takers

All you have to do is sit in this pose for 5 minutes. Can be done while studying, watching tv or playing games

Learn to Twerk

Challenge • 16 takers

Learn to twerk! It's not hard and it's a great bum workout.

Be Barefoot

Challenge • 10 takers

Do it! Be barefoot! Do it often! More than not! In places you wouldn't normally! On surfaces that you wouldn't dare! (and some you would!)...... Enjoy! :) ......... Remember: A change in your lifestyle is much more meaningful than any 'COMPLETE' button you...

Side Push Ups (5 days)

Challenge • 16 takers

Exercise for biceps and triceps. Lie down completely stretched. Hand on which you lie down, should be on the opposite shoulder. Other arm in front of body with palms on the floor. Begin to lift your upper body up. Exercise this every day 5 days as muc...

Wake up without hitting the snooze button everyday for a ...

Challenge • 20 takers

Some of us live for the snooze time and it's hard to break the habit - we wake up feeling worse, will only be tempted to hit snooze again and then we’re in for a vicious cycle. Snoozing and sleeping again makes our mind confused on whether to prepare itsel...


Challenge • 26 takers

12 Exercises in Sequences. Do 3 Sets 10 Reps per Exercise with 30sec (max 45sec)Recovery between Sets. Once completed 3 sets, move onto next exercise. Focus on form and technique Twice a week - 48 hour between workouts

intermediate leve;:body weight exercises..explosive stren...

Challenge • 16 takers

Do 5 times in 12 days .. This will increase strength,build muscle and ofcourse burn fat and elevate metabolism.. Do in the following order 1)Pistol squats(7 each leg) 2)Diamond pushups(15) 3) Mountain climbers(25 each leg) 4)Burpees(25) 5...

5 + 100 Day Push-Up Challenge

Challenge • 6 takers

Starting at 5 push-ups, add 5 per day for 100 days to get to 500. 25,250 push-ups total over the course of 100 days.

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