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Hold the plank pose for 5 minutes

Challenge • 3315 takers

This is a challenge for those of you looking to put your abdominal strength to the test. The plank pose is a great exercise to work those abdominal muscles and will build endurance in your back and stabilizer muscles –Check this site out

Go for an Evening Run

Challenge • 1437 takers

Any distance, any time, just simply go for an evening run and enjoy it!

The Fast Food Challenge

Challenge • 2636 takers

You see challenges such as no chocolate for a month, no alcohol for four weeks... well how about no fast food for a month! that includes McD, KFC, Burger King etc etc. thats all the food n drinks n includes salads that you may buy. Are you able to say no ...

Saturday Morning Run

Challenge • 1699 takers

Saturday mornings didn't used to exist: they were a time for sleeping in and maybe doing some shopping and getting a nice brunch. The challenge is simple: go for a run on Saturday morning! It can be any distance, terrain or effort level, just so long as it...

get your body fat below 15%

Challenge • 2957 takers

Get that body fat % down and get lean. Lean is quick! Getting your body fat percentage below 15% is a good step in the direction of being really lean. Through whichever means you choose, aim to reduce your fat to a point where only 15 per cent of your bo...

Run a 10k in under one hour

Challenge • 1573 takers

If you are a beginner runner, or running your first 10k, and want to add a time goal to your run then this is the challenge for you. Aim to run a 10k in under 60 minutes in order to complete this challenge. Try it at a race, on the treadmill, or even when t...

Run for 15 Minutes without walking

Challenge • 1295 takers

Run for 15 minutes without walking! I have made this challenge for the people who are at the beginner level of running. The people who find it difficult to run for 30 minutes without walking.

Commit to being fit -15 gym sessions in 30 days

Challenge • 1987 takers

Just joined a gym and already finding it hard to motivate yourself? Don't worry there are lots of us out there finding it just as difficult as you... This challenge is aimed at getting you on the right track, motivating you to start and maintain your new fi...

Run for an hour without walking

Challenge • 1198 takers

If you are not used to running longer distances and get tempted to walk or rest when you get tired. If you want to build your endurance, you need to push and gradually increase the time you spend running without walking. Take this challenge, and finish ...

90sec plank

Challenge • 1347 takers

Here's what you might gain when holding the Plank: 1.Strength.Can improve energy transference between your upper body and lower body. 2.Flexibility. Plank exercises help increase flexibility in posterior muscle groups throughout your body. 3.Aesthetic. ...

Go down a jean size!!

Challenge • 2219 takers

Celebrate your waist reduction results here! Sometimes results are more evident in clothes sizes than in kg's/lbs. If you have managed to lose enough fat that your formerly snug jeans are no longer wearable without a belt, or you have had to go shoppin...

The Tree

Challenge • 1390 takers

This will help develop balance, don't raise arms above the head if you have high blood pressure or if you haven't done this before, hands in prayer position is just fine. Rest your foot wherever it feels comfortable but avoid resting it against directly on...

No Cocacola for a month

Challenge • 1214 takers

Coca Cola contains plenty of sugar and caffeine, and a diet that involves the regular consumption or over-consumption of coca cola can lead to tooth decay, sugar rushes and crashes, fat gain and caffeine dependency. Diet coke, regular coke, coke zero, cherr...

Side plank 30 seconds each side everyday for 7 days

Challenge • 2088 takers

The side plank can be a great exercise for improving stability and strength in the obliques and abdominals, and is particularly useful for sports that require rotational movements. Make side planking a part of your daily routine for a week to get into the h...

Do 10 Slow Motion Push-Ups.

Challenge • 1133 takers

Although it is “only” ten press up repititions, don't be fooled into thinking the slow motion press-up challenge is only for beginners. The slow concentric and eccentric movement coupled with the isometric hold at the bottom will put a lot of tension on...

Say No To Smoking!

Challenge • 776 takers

Tobacco-related diseases are some of the biggest killers in the world today and are cited as one of the biggest causes of premature death in industrialized countries. In US about 500,000 deaths per year are attributed to smoking-related diseases Male and f...

No cake for a month.

Challenge • 1554 takers

We all love cake. As perhaps the most tempting sinful foods, it is almost impossible to turn down a slice of delicious cake when offered. Or can you prove this wrong? The challenge is to turn down all offers of cake, and not buy any yourself, for an entire...

Eat a portion of vegetables with your main meal every day...

Challenge • 1379 takers

Easy for some this one, esp I am guessing those with kids, but not so easy for others. Maybe use this challenge to break a cycle, get back into veggies or similar. Challenge is to eat a proper portion of vegetables with your main meal (be it lunch or dinn...

Run a mile in 8 minutes

Challenge • 1293 takers

For those of us who aren't likely to win races but still want to target improvements in our pace, this is a straightforward challenge. Measure out a 1 mile road route, then time yourself. Target is 8 minutes, no walking!

Say No To Soft Drinks!

Challenge • 1356 takers

Say no to soft drinks (carbonated sweetened or unsweetened drinks) for one complete month. Cold drinks add lot of sugar to the body without having any nutritional value. It depletes body of precious calcium reserve, can lead to osteoporosis. It has ve...

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