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50 Dorsal Raises every day for a week

Challenge • 21 takers

Done by lying face-down on the floor, and lifting the torso and arms together up off the floor. It strengthens lower back muscles and is part of a core strength workout.

5 Team Running Match

Challenge • 12 takers

Five teams to race to 4219.5km. To decide what team you are on, depends on what order you take the challenge. The first person to sign up is on Team 1, the second is Team 2. When you take the challenge, look at the last post and post your team number. I...

Summit Island Peak

Challenge • 0 takers

Ascend Island Peak also known as Imja Tse @ 6189m / 20305ft in the Khumbu Region of the Himalayas in Nepal.

The Canberra Times Fun Run

Challenge • 0 takers

As part of the Centenary of Canberra celebrations and The Canberra Times Fun Run we are excited to announce the introduction of a new 14km sister run to the City2Surf and City2Sea. The first ever Capital Run will be held on the same day as an extension to t...

5K Virtual Race for Tyrel - run, walk, rollerblade, hike,...

Challenge • 0 takers

Virtual 5K event to raise money for Tyrel and his family. He is a 13 year old boy awaiting a kidney transplant in Ontario, Canada. Signup and participate anywhere in the world. When you register, you will pay a registration fee. While there is a nominal ...

Grim challene 2013a

Challenge • 1 taker Come and join me for this amazingly challenging run. For slightly cheaper entry fee's book through Young epilepsy raise money for a great cause.

Kamikaze 2014

Challenge • 1 taker Simples just join me for this Amazingly fun but challenging run If you have some wear your TS gear so we know who each other are. :D

75 Calf Raises Every Day for A Week

Challenge • 24 takers

75 Calf Raises Every Day for A Week The is a great follow-up Challenge to 50 Calf Raises Every Day for a Week

IT'S SUNDAY, DROP AND GIVE ME 10 !! OR 20 !! OR ... 1+ RE...

Challenge • 11 takers

For you peeps that say that you can't yet do 1 real, here you MUST give me 1 REAL and the rest modified :):) Do 1 OR 10, 20, 30, or whatever you need to fulfill your pushups :) Just make sure that they are REAL push-ups and at least 1~ http://tribes...

Geo Dog Challenge

Challenge • 3 takers

Did you know there was a special geo dog trackable you could log for geocaching ... well there is. Find and log a geo dog to complete this challenge. It would also be nice to see a pic of the geo dog you found.

Run the distance of a half marathon

Challenge • 16 takers

This is for those who have been running the same route for a while and are looking for a challenge to amp up the mileage. Also, I said the distance of a half marathon, and not an actual half marathon, because that can be intimidating. Become comfortable...

Drink water

Challenge • 19 takers

Fitness, Gym, Workout, Health, Water

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