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Win your own personal beginner's triathlon!

Challenge • 11 takers

The Beginner's Triathlon Challenge requires you to swim 500m, bike 12k, and run/jog/walk 5k--all in one day! You may do the three elements in any order and at any pace that works for you, as long as you finish sometime between sunrise and sunset. And since...

Chua Chu Kang BIG Farm Walk & Run 2013

Challenge • 2 takers

Chua Chu Kang BIG Farm Walk and Run 2013 is the second edition organized by Chua Chu Kang GRC & Hong Kah North SMC! Last year, it attracted many people that took part in our event! This is probably the most unique non-competitive walk and/or run event in Si...

Go Sailing

Challenge • 6 takers

Go sailing! Preferably for the first time and preferably if you are like me and have an ungodly fear of just about all things water.

10,000 steps a day for a month

Challenge • 17 takers

A walking challenge for those of us who have sedentary employment. Using a pedometer, clock up 10,000 steps a day for a full month.

5 Miles Tempo Run

Challenge • 9 takers

Tempo runs are quality runs and ideal to fit into a busy working day at lunchtime. Tempo or threshold runs are fast, continuous runs done in the middle of a regular mid/long distance run, lasting between 20 to 50 minutes, depending on your fitness level....

G-BOMBS Challenge 3

Challenge • 0 takers

Continuation from challenge 2. Now aim to eat to 90% of your calories a day from the G-BOMBS group for an entire month.

G-BOMBS Challenge 1

Challenge • 4 takers

G-BOMBS stands for greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries, and seeds. This eating program is near and dear to my heart and was instrumental in improvement of my health and over all well being and was featured on the Dr Oz show last year. Watch the attach...

Back to School

Challenge • 2 takers

For a lot of us it's that time of year when the kids go back to school. Let's celebrate by doing 10 reps of any exercise for each school year they are in. (ie. 2nd grade= 20 reps)

Park Run In Another City

Challenge • 7 takers

Run a ParkRun Race in another city. Most of us are already doing parkrun 5k in our own cities. This challenge is to take on a parkrun in other than your city. Remember this is not a challenge to run in another country. If you want to take the challenge to...

Park Run In A Foreign Country

Challenge • 9 takers

Run a ParkRun Race in a foreign country. Most of us are already doing parkrun 5k in our cities and countries but this challenge is to take on a parkrun in other than your country. Remember this is not a challenge to run in another city. If you want to take...

Break your plateau and stay below for 7 days aka 1 week

Challenge • 9 takers

Today I FINALLY broke through a number that I've been trying to break through for years now and it happened. I have to tell you, I got on the scale and saw the number and got off the scale, then got back on, read the same off the scale, waited...

No Subway For A Month

Challenge • 12 takers

Subway is delicious, and very addicting. It's not always easy to make the healthy choices there either. No Subway for an entire month, including Salads, Subs, Cookies, Chips - ANYTHING from Subway.

Workout 5 times a week for 4 weeks

Challenge • 23 takers

Regardless what you choose to do, simply workout/exercise 5 times a week for a 4 week period. Record your training to this challenge if you like. Let's use this Challenge as an accountability challenge. Let's cheer each other on and let's make sure we stick...

Run 2 Miles in 14 Minutes

Challenge • 8 takers

This challenge is a zero to very low gradient challenge and can be done on a treadmill, at your local Park Run or on your road training run which ever takes your fancy. *Mark out a safe 2 mile route *Jump into your comfy trainers *Get your timer ready a...

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