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25 Modified Push Ups (10 times in 2 weeks)

Challenge • 11 takers

Try to do all 25 reps of modified push ups (on your knees) in one go. If you can’t, just break it in reps. If 25 reps in one go is a piece of cake for you, you can do more times in a day or finish all 250 reps in one day/one go ;-)

5-50 for 7 days

Challenge • 8 takers

Do the 5-50 for 7 days, that's 50 Prisoner Squats 50 Jumping Jacks 50 Mt. Climbers 50 Crunches 50 Push-ups

Dare to do front crawl swimming

Challenge • 5 takers

This challenge is for those who like me are not professional swimmers and only swim the "safe" breaststroke. It is time to dare and try to do the front crawl stroke.

Sprint Triathlon to Olympic Triathlon

Challenge • 7 takers

This is a graduated challenge for beginner triathletes and experienced triathletes. The aim of the challenge is to build from a sprint distance triathlon to an Olympic distance triathlon. Logging previous triathlons in 2013 do not count. Sprint Distanc...

go sober for October

Challenge • 5 takers

Ive just signed up to Go Sober for October in order to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Fund. I thought it would be a good idea to create a challenge on here too so if anyone fancies getting involved please join me! You can also go further by googling it an...

Run 7 consecutive 20km+ on any Weekend

Challenge • 2 takers

This Challenge is great for running endurance training. Challenge yourself to do at least 7 consecutive 20km+ over the weekend. Run on both weekend in a week is also counted. Example: Week1 - Sat (22km), Sun(20km), Week2 - Sat (25km), Week 3 -Sat(26km), ...

Dynamic Plank for 7 Days

Challenge • 6 takers

1 min of plank, starting off with 10 secs in plank position with feet together and palms flat on the floor then imagine pulling the floor back to you to really engage the core. Raise the left hand for 10 seconds followed by the right for 10, then the left f...

5 minutes a day for a month for a better butt

Challenge • 13 takers

I'm wondering if this will work so I'm willing to give it a try. Here is the link to the official page just in case it's unreadeble on the picture.

The Punishment!

Challenge • 11 takers

The worst punishment but in such a good way! This is a great calf challenge! It will have you shaking!! (in a good way) Must hold for 10 minutes with no rest to complete! Good Luck!! :)

30 Burpees A Day For 30 Days

Challenge • 30 takers

Love them or hate them their bound to make you sweat! Do you think you handle doing 30 burpees a day for the next 30 days! Then take on this challenge! Please log in your 30 burpees everyday on this page using the training session button on the right of you...

Master the Crane Kick!

Challenge • 5 takers

Face it, the old and new movie were awesome! The Crane Kick is a very difficult challenge! Flexibility is key! Give it a try, once you've mastered it post a pic! (One time challenge) Or if you already can do it..PROVE IT with a pic! Most of all... have fun...

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