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Easy Running Challenge II

Challenge • 1 taker

Continuation from Easy Running Challenge I and a slight increase of time: Run a total of 80 minutes per week for 4 weeks. This can be 1 run or as many as you want per week to reach the total of 80 minutes. . ******Indoors/outdoors******

Volunteer at parkrun 50 times!

Challenge • 2 takers

We all love parkrun, right? Prove it - volunteer for parkrun 50 times! No special t-shirt for this milestone (yet), so least you can complete another challenge on Tribesports!!!

Run 10 marathons of the same event.

Challenge • 1 taker

Usually running ten x the same marathon will lead you into a hall off fame albeit aquiring your own special singlet and bib number to be proud of. You do not have to run them in succession - so you can take your time over years if you want... to reach thi...

Run 1500m in less than 4:50

Challenge • 1 taker

Run 1500m (really should be on the athletics track for accurate distance measurement) in less than 4:50 (4 minutes 50 seconds). If you are looking for similar road/trail challenges then there are many 'run a mile in....' challenges that might be more sui...

22 Day Push Up Challenge

Challenge • 0 takers

The 22-Day Push-Up Challenge with a twist... Add a set on each day. Day One - 1 x 22, Day Two - 2 x 22, Day Three - 3 x 22 and so on up until Day Twenty-Two - 22 x 22. I'm on Day 14 and have 5 sets done so far today. And it's hurting...

Try a MetaFit Class

Challenge • 1 taker

Created by a former Royal Marine Commando, Metafit(™) combines the latest HIIT training techniques with traditional 'Old school' bodyweight exercises to set the metabolism on fire! Do a MetaFit class and let us know how it went.

Parkrun A-Z (24 different letters)

Challenge • 0 takers

Complete an official parkrun (running only) in locations starting with 24 different letters of the alphabet. Previous runs are allowed. Currently there is no parkrun beginning with X and the only Zs are in Poland & Russia so for now this challenge will com...

Complete 200 runs in a year

Challenge • 1 taker

I noticed there was a gap between complete 150 runs in a year and complete 250 runs in a year and so created this challenge. It's simple really, just complete 200 runs in one year (any rolling 365 day period), each run should be a minimum of 1 mile, enjoy...

Concept 2 Fall Team Challenge 2016

Challenge • 11 takers

The Concept 2 Fall Team Challenge is a team challenge that runs from September 15th to October 15th 2016. The aim is to row as many metres as you can for your chosen team. Tribesports will have a team, so let's see how many metres we can collectively accu...

5 Different Cities, 10km Walk

Challenge • 7 takers

To complete this challenge, you will need to walk 10km total at least, in 5 different cities of your choice. Feel free to add a picture of your walk via an app & a photograph taken during your city walk. No previous walks done before taking this challe...

12 days Burpee challenge

Challenge • 0 takers

Known for their powerful results, burpees are a calorie murdering exercise that will challenge every muscle in your body! Get to it! 1.DAY 1 - 5 BURPEES 2.DAY 2 - 10 BURPEES 3.DAY 3 - 15 BURPEES 4.DAY 4 - 20 BURPEES 5.DAY 5 - 25 BURPEES 6.DAY 6 - 30 B...

22 push-ups a day for 22 days

Challenge • 1 taker

22 push-ups a day for 22 days to raise awareness for combat veterans. 22 vets a day are committing suicide. It's tragic and we need to help. Let make as many people as we can aware.

Row The September 2016 CTC For Tribesports - 10 Minutes

Challenge • 2 takers

The Concept 2 Cross-Team Challenge is a monthly contest between indoor rowing teams around the world. The September 2016 challenge has been selected by us - simply row for ten minutes and record the distance rowed. For more details on the CTC and how...

Fitbit badge 'London Underground'

Challenge • 4 takers

Walking with a Fitbit and clocking up those kilometres. This badge is awarded for walking 402 lifetime kilometres, equivalent to the length of the world's first underground railway.

Yoga for tight hip flexors

Challenge • 6 takers

Follow this video (33:06 min): This is a one-off challenge. Your hip flexors and hamstrings are among the most important groups of muscles in the body. They are necessary for the long term mobility and stabil...

Master Chin Stand - Ganda Bherundasana

Challenge • 3 takers

Practise until you master a chin stand. Follow this tutorial to get you started or google your own tutorial. Posting a final picture or several progress pictures is a MUST in order to complete the challenge. Chin Stand Tutorial - Ganda Bherundasana htt...

Easy 7-Day Yoga challenge

Challenge • 4 takers

Nice selection of 7 short videos (approx. 15:00 minutes each). Shortcuts and brief description for each video can be found in the GUIDE. Enjoy your daily dose of yoga. Namaste.

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