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Oblique Crunches



Oblique crunches work the side of your abs. They are one of the simple crunch variations which change the targeted muscle groups of the basic crunch.


  1. Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor
  2. Keep your left arm on the floor and raise your right to your right ear
  3. Crunch up with your right side so your shoulder is off the floor
  4. Twist so your right elbow is pointing towards your left knee
  5. Slowly lower yourself back to lying flat
  6. This is one rep - make sure you do equal reps on your left and right side

Progression tips

Oblique crunches are best performed slower with good form. If you perform them quickly you will not feel the benefit of the eccentric contraction on the wat back to the starting position. There is also a higher risk of pulling with your neck which will not be an effective rep. Try to keep your inactive side relaxed, you want your targeted obliques to be bearing the the weight of the crunch. Crossing your leg over so your hips are turned away from your crunching side will increase the stretch in your obliques at the bottom of the rep and require a bigger range of movement for each rep.

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