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Pike Push-Ups



Pike push-ups are a push-up variation with target your shoulder strength as well as your core strength and balance. They are an advanced form of decline push-ups.


  1. Start with your feet on a waist-high bar or box
  2. Walk your hands out until you have a right angle in your hip and your torso is perpendicular to the floor and your arms are straight
  3. Maintain the right angle in your hip throughout the exercise
  4. Slowly lower yourself on your arms until your head touches the floor
  5. Your elbows should be at 90° angle and pointing towards your toes
  6. Push up until your arms are straight again
  7. This is one rep of the pike push-up

Progression tips

Pike push-ups are an excellent shoulder strength exercise and a progression step towards performing handstand push-ups. You can build up to pike push-ups with Hindu and divebomber push-ups which work your shoulders in the downward phase. Make sure you stretch out your hamstrings so that holding to 90° angle in your hip feels comfortable.