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Plank-ups are a core and arms exercise which are a cross between push-ups and planks.


  1. Start in plank position - holding yourself in a straight line leaning on your forearms and toes, elbows directly below the shoulders
  2. Maintain a straight line from your toes to your shoulders throughout the exercise by engaging your core
  3. Lift one hand and place directly below your shoulder, straightening your arm
  4. Lift the other hand and place directly below your shoulder
  5. You are now in the raised plank position (push-up position)
  6. Lower yourself one arm at a time back into plank position
  7. This is one rep of the plank-up
  8. In your next rep, start on the other arm to your first rep

Progression tips

Plank-ups can be a great step for people who struggle with full body weight push-ups or if you struggle with the isometric plank exercise. The consistent plank line (straight line from your shoulders to toes) is a good form exercise for if you are increasing reps of push-ups and find your hips sagging in later reps. For extra resistance, add a weight plate or weight vest. Alternatively start with your feet on a raised surface so you work your shoulders adn triceps more with each plank-up.