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TRX Squats


TRX squats are a squat variation which are excellent for improving your form. The TRX will help you balance so you can work on keeping your back straight and heels on the ground.


  1. Hold the TRX handles so that they are slack and level with your belly button
  2. Stand with your legs just over shoulder width apart, toes pointing slighting outwards (left toes pointing to 11 o'clock and right toes pointing to 1 o'clock)
  3. Sit back as though sitting into a chair - breaking at the hips before bending the knees
  4. As the TRX becomes taught, use the tension to help balance
  5. Keep your back straight and lower yourself down until your thighs are at least parallel to the floor
  6. You should try to get as low as you can
  7. Do not allow your knees to go forward of your toes
  8. At the bottom of the squat, push up through your heels and squeeze your glutes to return to starting position
  9. Try not to pull with your arms as you go back to standing, just use the TRX to support
  10. This is one rep of TRX squats

Progression tips

The TRX squat is a great exercise for improving your form, as you improve, you will rely on the TRX less and less. Try going down to only holding the TRX with a couple of fingers until you learn to perform the body weight squat unassisted. You should use TRX squats if you find your heels coming off the ground or your knees going forward of your toes when you squat. It's also good for keeping your back straight rather than leaning forward.

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