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Guide posted by Coachgold Archie H in Run for an hour without walking

Step Up To The Challenge And Pushed To The Limit

  Well, looks like we need a guide for this challenge.  I would love to step up to the plate.  I completed this challenge a week ago Saturday.  I ran early in the morning, and spent most of the day recuperating.  I plotted a 8 mile course close to home.  I'm training for a half marathon in September, so I will run this length @ least a few more times before then.  To me the most critical thing is having the endurance to keep it going the distance.  I mix in quite a bit of bike riding between run to build my thigh and calf muscles.  Eat right and keep up your rest. More pictures and training updates to follow. 


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Like Archie, my run-focused weeks only has 2-3 running sessions (1 long run at jog pace and 1-2 short runs (2-3miles) either easy or with sprints/hills) with 1-2 biking sessions and 1-2 swimming sessions to rest/build up other muscle groups.  For me, I did run/walk intervals from couch to 5K then after I could consistently run 5K (about 35min for me) I started adding 1/2 miles (about 5-6min) to my long runs every other week until I reached 60min (5-5.5 miles for me).  

Psychologically, during those long runs, particularly at the end, I keep telling myself, "You've been running for XXmin already, what's another 5 minutes?  You haven't come all this way to quit and have to start over."  It helps to be outside because "If you can see it you can run it." so I can get distracted just running to mail boxes or signs for that extra distance.

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