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Tribesports was the born out of the belief that sharing your goals and broadcasting your achievements will make you do more sport. We believe that your online sports communities should be free to use and should help you log, review and improve your training. To date, thousands of people have already been inspired to take on Challenges, share their training tips and generally becoming more active.

Why will using Tribesports make you more active?

  • Broadcasting your goals makes you more likely to reach them - by hitting the Take Challenge button you automatically have a bit of accountability that will see you reach your goal.

  • Seeing your friends’ sports activity motivates you to get out there and do sport - seeing other people exercise is contagious, it’s a bug that will hook you and make you want to do it too.

  • Taking Challenges in a supportive, friendly competitive environment helps you keep motivated and pushes you to try new things.

  • Logging your training sessions means you can track your progress and hit your targets - record, review and improve.

  • The fun of sharing advice with sports people around the world is incredibly rewarding - it keeps you wanting to grow your knowledge by trying new sports, and pushing yourself a little more than you would otherwise.

But we’re not stopping there. We’re ripping up the rulebook and with your help we’re going to revolutionize the sportswear industry.

We believe that you are paying too much for your technical sportswear.

With success in our Kickstarter campaign, we will produce and sell high quality performance sportswear that has been created using the best designers, the best fabric, innovative construction techniques and the same manufacturers as the leading global sports brands.

But here’s where Tribesports Performance wear will be different; by cutting out traditional retail routes and big-brand ad budgets, our products will be up to 40% cheaper than the same quality from other sports brands.

We will continue to work with the Tribesports community to drive the direction of our products; we will become the world’s first community-powered sports brand.

We’re aiming for top-quality performance sportswear at a price that won’t make you sweat!

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