The Team


Who’s involved?

Steve Reid, CEO & Co-founder

  • Proudest sporting moment: Completing my first Ironman

  • Biggest sporting goal: Comrades Marathon Green Number

  • Toughest Tribesports Challenge: 8 minute wall squat

As CEO and co-founder of Tribesports Steve is responsible for the finance, investor relations, product management and operations side of things, along with anything else that might be thrown his way.

You can contact him direct on

Jenna Anians, President & Co-founder

  • Proudest sporting moment: Cycling London to Paris and founding Tribesports!

  • Biggest sporting goal: Sub 2 hour half marathon

  • Toughest Tribesports Challenge: 30 days of Bikram yoga Challenge

Jenna is responsible brand strategy, content, retail and partnerships, comms and apparel production management at Tribesports – she’s also the only team member who can hold a headstand for 5 minutes.

You can contact Jenna directly on

Andrew McDonough, Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder

  • Proudest sporting moment: Running 3:16 marathon

  • Biggest sporting goal: Sub 3-hour marathon

  • Toughest Tribesports Challenge: Beat the CEO’s marathon time

Andrew’s day-to-day responsibilities include developing new features for the website and fixing any issues that crop up and driving the website towards the end goal of making it easier for people to do more sport.

You can contact him direct on

David Hickson, Chief Strategy Officer & Co-founder

  • Proudest sporting moment: Best ever cricket season when over 40

  • Biggest sporting goal: Run 10km in under 45mins

  • Toughest Tribesports Challenge: 100 Challenges in 100 day Challenge

At Tribesports his role is chief strategic officer, where on a day-to-day level he is responsible for legal and high level business strategy – as well as playing a ridiculously high level of ping pong.

You can contact him direct on

Simon Coffey, Software Developer

  • Proudest sporting moment: 10-0 win at table football

  • Biggest sporting goal: Unicycle on a slackline

  • Toughest Tribesports Challenge: Climbing a 5a route

Simon’s day-to-day work is crucial to keeping the Tribesports site running. No matter how hard the non-techies try to break things, Simon’s always there to stop it happening!

You can contact Simon directly at

Julien Tollie, Product Analyst

  • Proudest sporting moment: Running my first 5km in sneakers

  • Biggest sporting goal: Complete Tough Mudder

  • Toughest Tribesports Challenge: 5 minute plank every day for a week

Julien’s role covers everything from online advertising and budget strategy to the creation of images and managing our Instagram channel – he also has the best hair in the office.

You can contact Julien directly on

Sean Wu, Retail, Head of Operations

  • Proudest sporting moment: Completing my first steeplechase at school

  • Biggest sporting goal: Cycle back home (Taiwan)

  • Toughest Tribesports Challenge: Euromillions Challenge Series

Sean is responsible for product operations, from booking the ships that carry our precious cargo to quality control checks and inventory, Sean’s all over it!

You can contact Sean directly on

Caroline Rennie, Merchandising Manager

  • Proudest sporting moment: Cycling in the first London 100

  • Biggest sporting goal: Yachtmaster Qualification

  • Toughest Tribesports Challenge: Cycle London to Paris (in winter!)

Cags creates our content and plans the merchandising on site, whether it’s blog articles, competitions, new product votes, social media or information pages (like this one) it’ll have stopped by Cags’ desk at some point! She’s also earned a bit of a reputation for being super competitive at everything (including Monopoly).

You can contact Cags directly at

Helen Astle, Head Accountant

  • Proudest sporting moment: Completing the London marathon

  • Biggest sporting goal: To be able to touch my toes

  • Toughest Tribesports Challenge: Run 3 times a week for 4 weeks

Helen’s role is vital to the business, without her holding the purse-strings, who knows what we’d get up to!

You can contact Helen directly at

Jennifer Chan, Management Accountant

  • Proudest sporting moment: First snowboarding backside 180

  • Biggest sporting goal: 10 minutes of continuous sprawls

  • Toughest Tribesports Challenge: Hike 5 National Parks (UK)

Jennifer is our newest team member, she’s here to see join together the perfect Tribesports brand activity with the right numbers - when she’s not hiking or on the slopes that is!

You can contact Jennifer directly at

Andy Broadwood, Head Branding & Design Consultant

  • Proudest sporting moment: Surfing Mini Cloudbreak in Fiji

  • Biggest sporting goal: Run London Marathon

  • Toughest Tribesports Challenge: Get in the top 100 Tribesports Users

Andy is the creative eye of Tribesports. From the logo to the eye-catching workout images, Andy’s responsible for keeping Tribesports looking its best!

You can contact Andy directly at

How do I get a job at Tribesports?

Email your CV and covering letter with a bit of information about yourself, why you love sports and what you feel you would bring to our team.

We’re looking for developers at the moment! Read our job advert and contact us at to talk about working on our tech team.

How do I work with Tribesports?

We’re always on the hunt for great partnerships to grow our network, as well as your business. Contact us at