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Cheryl A asked the question in Gym Goers

Bulge under breast bones

In the past couple of years I have put on quite a bit of weight and now it seems like I have two stomachs.  I have a buldge just below my breast bones.  Will continual exercise and diet (of which I am doing both) will this eventually go away or is it with me for good?  Any suggestions to reduce this area as well as my lower stomach.

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yes consistant exercise and a clean diet will get rid of this over time! excess bodyfat can be stored in a number of places and this is a common one for women (I also put weight on here in the past!) but with dedication it will shift over time! following a clean diet (great abs are made in the kitchen!):) and following a good programme with both cardio and weight training including ab sessions in a few days a week, will get the results you are looking for! spot reducing does not work but by including a few abs sessions you can help tone and define the area. keep at it and good luck!!!!

Sports-iqgold Sarah C answered Comment


Thank you Sarah, this is encouraging to hear, actually just what I needed to read before hitting the gym again this morning. I am discouraged but reading your reply certainly gave me the boost I needed to push myself even more! I definitely will keep at it! :-)

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