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Scott F asked the question in Become a Stronger Runner

What are some good exercises for Sciatic pain

I have a sciatic pain problem with referred pain down my left leg from a minor disk bugle in my lumber spine. Specialist said I'm not doing any damage, it's just pain. So what exercises should I be doing to help?

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Answers (2)

Hi Scott F,

start with this stretch for the piriformis

The sciatic nerve can sometime actually travel through this muscle....typically those people that experience sciatic pain that don't have a significant disc bulge in the lumbar spine.

The stretch is similar to a glute stretch that  a lot of people know, but it is a bit more specific this one.

Also keep up plenty of calf and hamstring stretches.

Aside from the stretching you need to improve your strength and activation in the gluteals in general. I'll try and post some more pics for you if I get a chance today!


Ellis T answered Comment

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Hi Scott F,

I experienced sciatica a little over a year ago.  Having gone through two child deliveries, I can honestly tell you the sciatica was more painful.  Of course, U.S. docs simply told me to take drugs and deal, which was not an answer for me.  After days of research and reading, my relief came with acupuncture - and immediately!!  After only a couple treatments, I could again enjoy yoga classes, walking, and other moderate exercise.  Within the month's end, I was able to continue all activities I love. 

If your sciatica is at the excruciating level, i.e., "I CAN'T MOVE!!", I say acupuncture first and foremost! :))


Malissa B answered Comment

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