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Rock Climbers

Tribe • 613 members

I noticed there wasn't a rock climbing tribe so i made this. Share routes, tips etc.


Tribe • 402 members

A tribe for all of us that love to explore, study and enjoy the mountains, forests and watercourses,l earn about the history and traditions of the regions around the mountains. A tribe to encourage a spirit of good fellowship among the lovers of outdoor ...


Tribe • 253 members

Do you like bouldering? Join this tribe to share tips, find new locations, and share your experiences!


Tribe • 218 members

If you love to move, and train Parkour, join us! Post tips, tutorials, and even samplers.

Strength Training For Climbing

Tribe • 191 members

The goal is to focus on the unique training for climbing, strength in your hands, grip and arms, as well as flexibility. Please do share all your training tips with us and ask as many questions as you would like to!!

Climbing around the world

Tribe • 181 members

A tribe to bring together tips and advice on great climbing spots around the world, where to stay and how to get there! Share the climbing love :)

Sports lovers

Tribe • 163 members

This is a tribe for everyone that loves sport... Rugby, swimming, running, karate, horse riding, climbing, whatever sport you do... come tell us about it. Lets share tips, advice and insight to your sport.

Sport Climbing

Tribe • 153 members

Whether you are new to sport climbing or a seasoned veteran share your exploits here, the more pictures the better. Talk about your favourite equipment and destinations, both here and abroad.

Ultimate Adventure Magazine

Tribe • 148 members

The aim of ULTIMATE ADVENTURE MAGAZINE is to explore and celebrate the realms of adventure, be it motorbiking, mountain biking, climbing, hill walking, film making, fell running, camping, hiking, travel and exploration and festivals! ULTIMATE ADVENTURE...

I can't give up on myself now it's just too easy

Tribe • 96 members

For those who've had a tough year (possibly years) staying on top of your fitness goals, sticking to those routines, learning to love those routines till you realise it is no longer a strict schedule but a life choice that makes you feel that your LIFE IS S...

extreme runners

Tribe • 94 members

Free running has ability to make you really free of everything. My work give me lots of stress.. and there is nothing that soothes the stress and makes me think clear and feel fresh than an hour of free running..

Outdoor Climbers UK

Tribe • 65 members

Here is a tribe to share tips and all about the coolest places for outdoor climbing (sport climbing, traditional, via ferrata, tree climbing, etc.)

Yoga For Climbers

Tribe • 64 members

Smooth, graceful, fluid movements are essential for climbing. This as well as a climbers balance can be improved by practicing vinyasa (movement connected with breathing) and balance postures. The awareness of breath helps climbers to become more focused, m...

Straight Up Parkour

Tribe • 60 members

Parkour lovers abroad, right here. This is simply for you to share your exploits. Beginners and Experts (and everything inbetween) welcome here. Hook up together for a Jam session, or share your local favorites. Break free of the everyday and do something f...

Westway Climbing Centre

Tribe • 56 members

You want to climb but you don't have a climbing partner or the usual one is lazy or in holidays? Get familar with people who climb at Westway, share your climbing hours with others and find climbing partners. More information about Westway Climbing Centre ...

Mt. Everest Summit

Tribe • 51 members

Difficult? Yes. Impossible? No. Train your mind and your body will follow. And when you feel any less encouraged about it, remind yourself: You Live Only ONCE. Live your dream and Love your life. That's all. Cheers!

The Castle

Tribe • 49 members

Climbing is a unique sport and delivers exciting rewards, both physically and mentally. If you are adventurous and want to push yourself in new ways, learning to climb is the challenge you need. If you are bored of the television, the gym or the pub and nee...

Rock Climbing Passion

Tribe • 44 members


Arch Climbing Wall London Bridge

Tribe • 43 members

The climbing walls at the Arch consist of several rooms of short walls and mats. There are no rope routes here, but enough bouldering problems to keep anyone busy for a couple of hours. Have you climbed here, or would you like to?

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