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Ride your bike outside for 1 hour

Challenge • 887 takers

Spring, summer and fall are coming and you like to do a lot of recreational cycling. Why not start today? Cycle away from you home for half an hour, than cycle back. A good first ride to start the season.


Challenge • 658 takers

Bored going around the Earth? This is a team challenge to get to the moon. It’s only 384,400 KM. All man powered kilometers count; running, walking, rowing, cycling. Logged kilometers do not have to be exclusive to this challenge; simply enter all your kilo...

Do a sprint triathlon

Challenge • 436 takers

500m swim, 25km cycle, 5km run - sounds easy if you're a gym bunny but as a couch potato it's a bit more of a challenge!

Go Cycling in the Rain

Challenge • 232 takers

It's what! Put on your waterproofs (or not the choice is yours) and get out there and pedal. Can be any distance but must be at least 30 minutes. Kudos for going full pelt through as many puddles as you can.

Cycle 300km in a month

Challenge • 327 takers

A perfect challenge for those who commute small distances. Complete 300km or more in a month.

Cycle 100 miles in 1 day

Challenge • 308 takers

Often seen as a sign you're a serious cyclist - get out on a weekend ride, and knock out 100 miles

Fix your own puncture

Challenge • 98 takers

Come on get your hands dirty!! The next time you burst or puncture a tyre teach yourself some a practical lesson in how to repair it yourself, break the chains of reliance on bike repair shops!

Cycle three times in a week

Challenge • 143 takers

Hop on a bike for fun, run errands, or go for a long workout. OR go to the gym and hit any kind of cardio machine that targets pedaling with your legs for at least 15 minutes. :) Do any of these things for at least 3 times in a week and you're golden by ...

Cycle 100km in a day

Challenge • 140 takers

Take on the challenge of doing a long bike ride - and set your aim for 100km!

Cycle 1000km in a year

Challenge • 160 takers

Whether you're a commuter or a hardcore biker, if you can cycle 19.3km per week, you can cycle 1000km per year! Sounds much more impressive that way, right? If you use an app like Map My Tracks OutFront (

Cycle 5 different routes to work

Challenge • 121 takers

A change is as good as a rest, and you'll get more enjoyment from commuting by bike if you vary the route. Map out and ride 4 entirely new routes, preferably not using any of the same roads except the first and last. As a bonus, you'll get to know more of y...

Ride at least 15K (9.3 miles) on any Mountain Bike Trail

Challenge • 82 takers

15 K on a well designed mountain bike trail will take many people over an hour to complete (possibly 2). The goal of this challenge is build the necessary endurance to stay in the saddle to complete a vigorous 15K trail ride. No time limit, just ride for 1...

Make the Change to SPD's

Challenge • 33 takers

Increase your speed by taking those flats off and sticking some cleats on those shoes! Make the Change to SPD pedals

Complete 30 mins of exercise every day for 7 days

Challenge • 73 takers

Most of us set ourselves New Years Resolutions to do with exercise or losing weight, so why not start 2013 by getting fit and exercising every day. If its swimming, running, aerobics, cycling, anything. As long as we have fun and make sure we exercise every...

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