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Half Marathon Running

A road running event which at 21 km is half the length of the full marathon. If you are currently training for a half marathon, be sure to check out some of the great guides and advice other Tribesports members have left behind for you

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Martin N Register for a Half Marathon! Challenge

Contributorgold Martin N Right so been in need of a challenge to get some motivation back - great Scottish Run in Glasgow in October - the recovery starts here!

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Christopher S Run a half marathon in less than 1:40hrs Challenge

Contributorgold Christopher S I'm claiming this one today. Even if the organisers don't credit me with a sub 1hr40 gun time (disputed 1:40:05), I did take more than 4 seconds to cross the start.

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Candida B Run 3 Half Marathons in a year Challenge

Contributorgold Candida B I have a Half marathon on trails next month (April 23rd ) and that although I took this challenge again - having completed it in 2012 - I forgot to list my first for my next 12 months - which started July. so here's my update to date lol.
#1 /3 - July 31 2016 - Run Melbourne Half

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Christopher S Register for a Half Marathon! Challenge

Contributorgold Christopher S WAMC Darlington Half Marathon 12/3/17 booked. Revisiting the event for the second year running. I didn't have a particularly good race last year, suffered in the sun during the second half. 1:57:21 to beat, I hope to do much better than that.

Alan S and Kevin G encouraged this.

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Alan S Half marathon Tribe

Contributorgold Alan S So I ran my first HM on Sunday in a pleasing time of 1:36.08. Would I do it again? I decided to wait a few days to give it some thought, to ensure any decisions were not taken in the immediate aftermath. A few days is now up. So would I run another HM? Yes, definitely.

I enjoyed following the training program that progressively built up my longest run to ten miles - Wednesday evening became long run time, and it became a part of the week I genuinely looked forward to. Just me and the road.

The race itself was great, although a little daunting as I would be entering the unknown after the ten mile mark. It helped being such a large event with good crowds in places offering encouragement. It is amazing how a small thing like a stranger saying "You're going great, Alan" helps, even if you know they've only read your name from your race number. Biggest problem with the race was trying to slow myself down to a safe pace, to ensure I didn't blow up at any point. Now I know I can run a HM, my next one will be a less 'pleasant' experience. :)

But the best aspect of the whole journey was managing to train for fourteen weeks without injury. At the beginning of the year when I was suffering with regular calf pains, I really did not expect it. I did have one scare mid-way through my plan when I woke one morning after a long run with a sore left achilles. At that point I dropped down to just two runs/week and did plenty of stretches. It did the trick as it is no longer an issue.

Now to choose my next HM... ;)

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