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Go For a Hike

Challenge • 406 takers

The goal of this challenge is to get back to nature and go for a single hike - be it in the mountains, in the desert or in the countryside! Please remember to plan ahead, be prepared and be safe - study trails and maps beforehand, dress accordingly, br...

Go For A Hike - 5K

Challenge • 141 takers

The goal of this challenge is to go on a hike of a minimum of 5k in total distance - be it in the mountains, in the desert or in the countryside! Please remember to plan ahead, be prepared and be safe - study trails and maps beforehand, dress accordingly...

Climb Snowdon

Challenge • 48 takers

Walk up the highest mountain in Wales, at an altitude of 1,085 metres (3,560 ft) above sea level, and the highest point in the British Isles outside Scotland. Try The Watkin Path if you can it's the most demanding route direct to the summit of Snowdon.

Walk everyday for 30 days

Challenge • 118 takers

walk everyday for 30 days. walk at least 2+ miles. have water with you at all times. YOU CAN DO IT.♥

Climb Ben Nevis

Challenge • 47 takers

Great walk to the top of the highest peak in the British Isles-1,344 metres (4,408 ft). There is a great view if you are luck enough to get some clear skies! Suitable for most.The Novice Walker should not attempt walk between November and May, or during bad...


Challenge • 33 takers

I will be running the Great North Run on 7th September 2014 for the GETKIDSGOING charity, a brilliant charity that's helps disabled children participate in all sports. So, for every Running, Hiking or Walking KM that you log, I will donate a penny to my ...

Take a Hike - Literally

Challenge • 40 takers

The hike must be at least 30 minutes and include at least 1 hill/incline. State location and post a photo if possible.

Go Hiking with Mom

Challenge • 35 takers

Get outdoors and take mom for a hike - one hour minimum. Enjoy her company and make sure to laugh alot.

Climb Kilimanjaro

Challenge • 43 takers

Reach the summit of Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest point, on foot. As well as the physical challenge, altitude is a major factor (5,895m at Uhuru Peak, Kibo), as is the temperature range (27C at the bottom to -27C at the top!). Complete this massive challeng...

Hike 5,000 Feet Elevation Gain in 1 Day

Challenge • 27 takers

Nothing tests your body more than some steep incline hiking. The goal of this challenge is to hike an elevation gain of 5,000 Feet (1524 meters) in one day. You can either find a 5,000 ft mountain to climb or do a few hikes that add up to a total of 5,000 e...

Travel 10km on foot today

Challenge • 20 takers

Travel 10km by foot. Any foot method counts, walking, Nordic walking, snow shoe walking, even moon walking! Running/Jogging are accepted too. I was looking for an appropriate image-think this one works pretty well!

Mountain Trekking

Challenge • 22 takers

In order to complete this challenge you simply need to go trekking in the mountains for a reasonable length of time (at least 2 hours). Any mountain, any range, any country, as long as its classified as a ‘mountain’ and you have a vertical gain of at least...

Hike in 5 National Parks

Challenge • 47 takers

Take a hike while visiting five different National Parks. Hike for a minimum of 30 minutes. In reality if you are going to really take the time and enjoy the National Park it should take much longer than 30 minutes, I like to take the entire day. Enjoy the...

Go for a 20km Hike

Challenge • 35 takers

Get outdoors and hike in the mountains, forest trails or another venue of your choosing of 20km. Enjoy the freedom of the outdoors

Scafel Pike

Challenge • 19 takers

Make an ascent of Scafel Pike the highest peak in England. Location: Lake District, England, Europe Lat/Lon: 54.45000°N / 3.2°W Elevation: 3206 ft / 977 m Scafell Pike is the highest mountain in England and is situated to the west of the English Lak...

Go Hiking at least 3 times a month for 3 months

Challenge • 41 takers

Go Hiking as often as possible, no matter the season or weather conditions. Hike at least 5km and if possible reach your highest peak (above 1000m). Do it for fun or for training. Perfect to get back into shape, stretch your muscles, work on your breathing...

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