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Muay Thai

Tribe • 944 members

The first Muay Thai tribe! Please join and share workouts, ask questions and share achievements.

Tai Chi

Tribe • 490 members

Tai Chi (also written as T'ai Chi, Taiji, Tai Chi Chuan, among others) is a slow-motion, moving meditative exercise for relaxation, health and self-defense. Originally from China, Tai Chi has gained enormous popularity in America and throughout the rest of...


Tribe • 476 members

Love MMA, UFC, Strikeforce, Bellator, BAMMA, UCMMA, Cage Rage - All MMA related subjects tell us about your thoughts on Anderson Silva, Chael Sonnen, GSP, Dan Henderson, Alistair Overeem, Tom Kong Watson, Paul Semtex Daley - everyone!!! Get talking and hel...

Martial Arts Lovers

Tribe • 266 members

Love Martial Arts? Love improving your body and defensive skills/techniques? Do you like the effects that Martial Arts has on the body and more importantly the mind? So do we, come join us and other Martial Arts lovers, feel free share tips, ask questions a...


Tribe • 235 members

Capoeira is a Brazilian art form that combines elements of martial arts, sports, and music.


Tribe • 225 members

This Tribe is for everyone the does Karate, regardless of style. If you are a beginner or a Sensei, you are all welcome. Lets share in our experiences. Ask questions and give advise. Osu

Taekwondo Enthusiasts

Tribe • 185 members

Are you on your journey to get your Black Belt in Taekwondo? Do you have your Black Belt and want to help others who are striving to get there? Join a tribe of Taekwondo Enthusiasts to share tips, ask questions, and share the results of the worthwhile e...

Martial arts

Tribe • 181 members

Training in martial arts imparts many benefits to the trainee, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.Through systematic practice in the martial arts a person's physical fitness may be boosted (strength, stamina, flexibility, movement coordination, etc....

To lose with honour is also a Victory

Tribe • 142 members

All those who give it their all, all those who train to win, all those who will not back down and all those who fight with honour. To Lose with Honour Is also A Victory. Respect is gained and not a birth right.

Shotokan Karate

Tribe • 132 members

Committed to the art of Gichin Funakoshi's style, Shotokan Karate? Use this tribe to discuss technique, training drills, ask questions etc.

Taekwondo Black Belts

Tribe • 125 members

A network group for Taekwondo black belts to swap training tips, info on club events, competitions and health/nutrition stuff. We all love our sport and it would be great to make connections around the country and meet up at gradings.

WIng Chun Masters

Tribe • 121 members

‘Love Wing Chun? Saw the Ip Man movie series and now you think you know Wing Chun? We do too! Join other Wing Chun Masters Tribe and share tips, ask questions and share the results of your hard work!’


Tribe • 108 members

TurboFire is a BeachBody program taught by the highly energetic Chalene Johnson. She combines cardio kickboxing with high energy music to create a highly effective cardio workout. Whether you like short interval training workouts, or longer high intensity w...

Wing Chun Warriors

Tribe • 90 members

Into Martial Arts and all things MMA orientated? The WC Warrior Tribe is all about the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of everything to do with combat and sports specific training. Join the Warrior's and share tips with other fighters, ask questions...

kung fu

Tribe • 88 members

train in kung fu, which style? this is for you 2 discuss styles training & technique

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