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Edinburgh Marathon

Tribe • 2 members

This tribe is for those anyone running in the Edinburgh Marathon on 31st May 2015. Who wants some tips and encouragement for this fast, flat :-) course.

Kingscliff Parkrun

Tribe • 2 members

Kingscliff parkrun is a FREE weekly 5km event for runners of all standards, which takes place every Saturday at 8am in Kingscliff, NSW, Australia

The 'Burg Tribe

Tribe • 1 member

Do you live in Warrensburg Missouri? Do you feel like you want to workout or go for a jog with some one in the local area? Well then this is the tribe for you. Let's get together to support each other to make better choices for our own futures so that we ca...


Tribe • 107 members

This Tribe has been created so that all TS members who fancy a virtual Run, Walk or Hike can join and find other interested Tribers, and can organise in a single location. All levels Beginners, Intermediates and Experts can join and any distance can be ...

Run The World

Tribe • 92 members

Share the story of your running - upload up to 5 photos along with a little background about where & why you run, and your story will be turned into your own animated gif! Upload your photos as their own album in this Tribe and share what it is that make...

The Edinburgh Tribe

Tribe • 7 members

Hi This is a meeting place for the folks in and around Edinburgh, do you have anevent, want to let others know about Edinburgh stores, then here is the place to do it.

I can't give up on myself now it's just too easy

Tribe • 96 members

For those who've had a tough year (possibly years) staying on top of your fitness goals, sticking to those routines, learning to love those routines till you realise it is no longer a strict schedule but a life choice that makes you feel that your LIFE IS S...

Aberdeen Fitties

Tribe • 5 members

A tribe for all those lovely folks living in Aberdeen and who are wanting to get fit, are already fit but need some motivation, experts with tips to share. Basically any girl/lady/woman/man/bloke/guy from Aberdeen on TS! Use the tribe to find spotters, runn...

Pennsylvania Fitness

Tribe • 4 members

A tribe for all things related to Pennsylvania! There are a lot small town events that need promotion and it's great to get feedback from people that are from the same neck of the woods. Feel free to join! (Even if you're from Ohio) ~ ;-)

Trail Dogs Tribe

Tribe • 19 members

Friends too busy to come out riding/running? You need to get yourself a trail dog! The ultimate singletrack companion, they’ll never say no to a day out on the trails. Show off your trail buddies, videos, photos, experiences, training a trail dog tips


Tribe • 58 members

I liked how Heather J had made a list of challenges that she had created so I'm doing the same for my running bc I find that most of the runners are just discovering my running challenges at the end of the month. So here it goes ... this way we can enjoy th...


Tribe • 11 members

Peregrination: To journey or travel from place to place, especially on foot. This tribe is for the people of the world who long to travel and bring their passion for running in their carry-on. Runners who are living abroad, traveling the world, planning t...


Tribe • 145 members

This is the Tribe to discuss all the #GameChanger moments in sports. Sports through the years is packed full of people who have blazed a trail and changed the way things are done. They didn’t bow to convention and follow the accepted way. They questioned th...

Rugged Maniac 5K Obstacle Race

Tribe • 99 members

Looking for your next adventure? How about a day filled with 20+ epic obstacles over a truly rugged 5K course, complete with great live music and a rocking after party? Rugged Maniac 5K Obstacle Race has you covered! We invite members of this tribe to disc...

Tribe Sporters Unite!!

Tribe • 171 members

For the past 5 months I have been apart of a new family; one that support, encourages & challenges me on a daily basis. Many families partake in reunions; has there ever been a TS reunion, if not, can one be arranged? What a momentous occasion it would prov...

TribeSport Ontario

Tribe • 17 members

There are so many races this summer from 5K to UltraRuns here in Ontario, Canada. I will be meeting up with 2 other Tribemates next week in Niagara - Anda and Catherine, so I thought it would be fun to make a group where we can support each other at our run...

Fartlek Fitness Training (Speed Play)

Tribe • 30 members

The Fartlek (Swedish for "Speed Play") Training method is a great fitness tool that is excellent for soccer specific conditioning. It is less monotonous than the normal interval training and can be easily customized to focus on the needs of the team. It onl...

Go Hard or Go Home

Tribe • 206 members

This is a tribe for gym goers... runners.... cyclists.. swimmers in fact any person who loves what they do fitness wise... We are agreed you do a sport or train or run because your passionate about it and love doing it, this tribe share your experiances ...

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