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Tribe • 11 members

For all you ski lovers out there...the idea is to take some time out from your usual training and go find some snow and have a me day...just have some fun and enjoyment doing this activity that some of us have a great passion for...this can be a problem for...

This one is for the Mountain Kids

Tribe • 9 members

This tribe is just that, it's for the children of winter, the wide-eyed adventurers, for the kids who had that "oh no way" moment when looking out the window. This is for the star-gazers, the cloud watchers, for that one kid who would give everybody the wea...


Tribe • 20 members

This Group is for people to post videos of your adventures. GoPros are an amazing Camera that will allow you to document yourself doing your sports. They can handle abuse and will keep up when your going fast! You can get harnesses, mounts and tripods th...

Extreme Sports

Tribe • 102 members

Welcome to the most extreme tribe on Tribesports! A tribe for the adrenaline junkies and anyone with an interest. All are welcome!

Cross country skiers

Tribe • 28 members

We can’t wait that it would be winter again so that we can go XC-skiing!

North American Skiers

Tribe • 30 members

Do you ski in North America? This Tribe is for you! Share information about your favourite resorts, best runs, places to stay and eat after a long day on the slopes.

Extreme World Races

Tribe • 20 members

Extreme World Races are pioneers of ultra-endurance, multi-disciplinary and extreme adventure sports in the most hostile environments of sea, land and air on the planet. With once-in-a-lifetime challenges ranging from just £995 to £60,000, take part in o...

North American Seasonnaires

Tribe • 12 members

For those lucky enough to have done, or who are currently doing a season skiing or snowboarding in North America. And those who want to get out there.

European Seasonnaires

Tribe • 13 members

For anyone who has done, is doing, or wants to spend an entire season working and skiing or snowboarding in the alps. Share your tips, advice, experiences and media here.

Freestyle Skiiers

Tribe • 15 members

For all the freestyle skiiers throwing it down wherever you are.

We love snow

Tribe • 180 members

God we love the winter season! it may be blooming freezing but over here in GB we really hope it snows this year, so we can get making our snowmen, snow angels. and get prepared for some great snowball fights, not to mention some great snow sports, sledging...


Tribe • 12 members

If you just don't care about the risk part of high altitude skiing and have got the courage against all odds then, Heli Skiing is just for you. The helicopter is going to leave you at the top of a snow capped peak and from there you just have to criss-cross...

Colorado ski resort

Tribe • 16 members

All about Colorado ski The terrain is large and offers a lot of variety for every skier. The facilities incl. the restaurants are well run (and expensive as at any resort). Yes, it can get crowded especially over the weekends (as it is in driving distance ...

Roller Skiers

Tribe • 9 members

Fancy trying something new this Winter season? Why not try some roller skiing? These skis on wheels our used to train the cross-country skiers out of season and to improve the British Army's endurance levels.They are great for building stamina, body conditi...

Winter Sport Lovers

Tribe • 102 members

A new season and a new sport! For all those who love dawning a pair of skis or skates, heading of to the Alps or Vancouver for the winter. Or even just staying at home and getting involved with what ever the weather has to offer! What is your favorite winte...

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