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4GK Fitness Tribe

Tribe • 1 member

Members and friends of 4GK Fitness -- Patchogue, NY Yoga, Kickboxing, and Belly Dance

The 'Burg Tribe

Tribe • 1 member

Do you live in Warrensburg Missouri? Do you feel like you want to workout or go for a jog with some one in the local area? Well then this is the tribe for you. Let's get together to support each other to make better choices for our own futures so that we ca...

My first...

Tribe • 32 members

If you are one of those people that has been working out for a while, you know that how routines can become boring. You simply don't enjoy it as much as you did. That can make the work out experience less pleasant and even some of us will give it up, regret...

I can't give up on myself now it's just too easy

Tribe • 96 members

For those who've had a tough year (possibly years) staying on top of your fitness goals, sticking to those routines, learning to love those routines till you realise it is no longer a strict schedule but a life choice that makes you feel that your LIFE IS S...

Vinyasa yoga

Tribe • 39 members

Vinyasa Yoga the most relaxing and slow paced yoga. This is a welcoming group anyone can join at anytime they wish even leave whenever. You are welcome to post your achievements here and what you liked about Vinyasa Yoga.

Yoga Teachers ~ Aspiring & Established

Tribe • 24 members

Aspiring and established yoga teachers welcome! Share your encouragement, advice, stories, opinions, resources, successes and failures, fears and victories, love and intentions.


Tribe • 30 members

Runners! prevent injury and optimize your running form and endurance with simple aligning poses from Yoga!

Unique Workouts

Tribe • 248 members

A place to share your "unique" or unusual training techniques. Whether it is a new twist on an existing exercise, your own creation or a different combination of exercises, sets and reps; let others know. Do you have a personal way of doing an exercise d...

Early Morning Power Yoga

Tribe • 71 members

Every morning wake up 1 hour early (I know I know, thats a lot for those of you who already have to drive in traffic to get to the office), but the results will change your life! Notice I didn't put a "for a week" or "every second day for a month" on the ti...

Hot Yoga

Tribe • 66 members

Yoga is one of the best ways to stretch, breathe, relax and strengthen oneself. HOT Yoga is the same principle but done in a 40 degrees Celsius sauna. This allows a further stretch as well as WAY more toxins being sweated out.


Tribe • 175 members

Yoga Fit (also referred to as Power Yoga) is an active form of Yoga where the class usually starts with Warm up Sun Salutations. and then continues to climb at a more rapid pace in and out of postures, flowing through poses with abdominal crunches, push...

Aerialist Conditioning

Tribe • 34 members

Lets share tips and new ideas for aerial conditioning that you can do at home, at the gym or during open studio hours.

Yoga at Home

Tribe • 737 members

Trying to start doing Yoga more often and I would love it if a community of people helped me out! I don't know much about yoga except for what I find on the internet (not reliable) so this is a forum for all of us share our knowledge and improve our mind, b...

The Wandering Yogis

Tribe • 57 members

Taking Yoga outdoors and Living the life of a Yogi... All styles of Yoga... Beginner to advanced, all who love yoga are welcome. Share Tips, Photos, the best locations and stories.


Tribe • 124 members

Do you like to workout and train while everyone is still in bed ? Then this Tribe is for you....Whatever your sport JOIN NOW

Iyenga Yoga : A Preliminary Course

Tribe • 23 members

. Yoga In Action : A Preliminary Course (Geeta S. Iyenga)

Beginner Yoga

Tribe • 2271 members

Are you new to Yoga? Do you have advice for those that are new to Yoga? Join other yoga novices and let's expand our minds and improve our bodies together.

Yoga Therapy

Tribe • 501 members

this tribe is for discussing yoga poses that are good for healing injuries or dealing with chronic use issues.

Pelvic Floor Conscious Athletes

Tribe • 58 members

Ladies! It can be difficult to find exercises that work for us when we have pelvic-abdominal musculature issues such as Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (PFD). I created this tribe for us to share experiences, support, and ideas on exercises that can help our sympt...

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