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Get fit without joining a gym

Tribe • 32504 members

For some reason, our society seems to associate getting fit with joining a gym. Lots of people pay significant amounts of money every month to do something on a treadmill that they could just as easily do in the park. It is more difficult, however, to do...

Abs of Steel Tribe

Tribe • 29038 members

Here we our going to add the best tips and advice to getting your abdominal muscles up to scratch! So if you have any great training tips and exercises throw them on here!

Sports Nutrition

Tribe • 23303 members

SingleTrack magazine seem to have a great maxim describing their attitude towards fitness. I am paraphrasing but it boils down to "eat less crap and do more exercise". We all know it is important to eat a balanced diet and this tribe is an open forum to dis...

Running Music

Tribe • 14551 members

What does everyone listen to when they go running? What's that inspirational tune or playlist that gets you through that last 5 minutes on the treadmill or last half hour in a marathon? Song names, album names, artist - the more info the better!

Home Workout Movement

Tribe • 13233 members

Who says you can't get in good shape at home? Doing your workouts at home saves your time, energy and especially your money. Join the Home Workout Movement and share tips, ask questions and inspire others by sharing your progress. Let's make home workouts f...

Become a Stronger Runner

Tribe • 12965 members

A tribe dedicated to becoming a Stronger Runner. Run Strong, Run Tall, Run Natural. Ways to become a stronger runner will be posted as discussions here. Improve leg turnover, efficiency, body alignment, muscle balance, and running-specific muscle strengt...

Clean Eating

Tribe • 12636 members

I'm creating this group to share info about Eating Clean and how it has helped me become healthier. I will be posting loads of info, resources, and recipes over the next few days =)

Strength Training

Tribe • 11450 members

No matter what your sport is what fitness goal you are training for, strength training should be a part of your program. Strength training is not just for powerlifters and bodybuilders or general gym goers wanting to gain weight. Strength training is import...

Stretching & Recovery

Tribe • 8708 members

Wake up with aching muscles? Barely able to walk, never mind run? Or just a bit stiff after yesterday's sport? This is the place to discuss stretches, warm-up, warm-down, and tips for getting the most benefit and the least pain from exercise.

Food and Drink Advisors

Tribe • 8669 members

Athletes need food to enable them to perform their functions during sport. Right food and drink can help individuals to achieve better performances. However, it is often difficult to determine if products we consume are beneficial or not.

Smoothie Recipes

Tribe • 8290 members

Love smoothies? Share your recipes on here! Smoothies are quick to make, taste great and are great for you!

Let's Run

Tribe • 7967 members

Let's not drive to the corner store, not take the bus for two stops down the road, not take the train to the next city, not fly to the next continent! Let's just Run! Let's Run...up the hills, down the hills, by the canal, by the sea...the list is lon...

Healthy Eating Habits

Tribe • 7716 members

This tribe does not boast of extreme nutritional philosophies or staying unrealistically thin, or killing yourself by not eating foods you love. This tribe is about feeling great and energetic having a stable mood and keeping yourself healthy by following v...

Interval Training

Tribe • 7549 members

Studies have shown that fitness can be improved significantly through interval training and many fitness experts believe that it is the most effective form of training. Whether you want to improve your 5km time, run a marathon or use interval training to im...

Ten Minute Workout

Tribe • 7506 members

Don't have time to go to gym, but need to work out? Join the Ten Minute Workout tribe. You need only 10 minutes a day for this. We also have a workout plan for beginners as well as fit athletes who need to stay in shape. I'm 47 and fit. If I can do it you c...

workout music

Tribe • 6992 members

workout has being an important part of my life.And bad ass songs with it too so.You too wanna share so you are most post your favorite songs.

Cooking and Recipe Swaps

Tribe • 6883 members

Like cooking? Like to eat and know someone you can bribe to cook? Share ideas for lovely sport enabling foods here!

Get rid of your "love handles"

Tribe • 6798 members

This tribe is for people who want to get rid of their "love handles"... Don't get me wrong, we want love but not "love handles". Let's run 3x and workout our obliques everyday for 4 weeks and see check the results! Are you with me?


Tribe • 6732 members

Enjoy combining weight training, powerlifting, kettlebells and plyometrics in a high intense workout? Look forward to pushing yourself to your limits and developing yourself in terms of strength and conditioning? Or just enjoy putting something new and exci...

Mobile Fitness Apps

Tribe • 6446 members

A Tribe for discussing mobile apps that are useful for exercise, fitness and sport. From route tracking to gym routine planning to nutrition, this is the place to discuss all things mobile and sport. Topics, guides and questions are welcome for all platfo...

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