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A year of surprises

A workout for every day, the whole year of 2012

Every challenge can be complete within a few minutes and will come in 3 levels (easy, medium, hard).
They can all be completed inside with little or no equipment, minimum household things.

They are all events so they can only be completed on the date and the exercise will be posted the same day that it can be completed.
(for the people from a head in time :P, I will post each before bed so you all have time to do it)

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Beth K A year of surprises Tribe

Beth K asked 2013?

I just found tribe and wondered if you are geared up for every day of 2013.  I like the idea of having a challenge for every day of the year...and it might introduce me to my newest choice of exercise, dancing, running, burpees...whatever!  Thanks

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