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Adventure Racing - Victoria, Australia

An adventure race includes navigation using map and compass, if there is a marked course to follow and no navigation is necessary then it is a multisport race.
Adventure racing includes elements of Rogaining, Orienteering and Mountain Biking but is not the same as any of these. This is summed up by Don Mann and Kara Schaad in their book ‘The Complete Guide to Adventure Racing’ when they say “some maps you find in adventure racing are 20 years old or older. Some features may disappear while new ones take shape. Trails will change and new roads will alter the landscape. There are always going to be trails on your map that are no longer on the ground and there will always be trails that you find that are not on the map. It is important to check your compass periodically when taking trails1”.

The adventure of the race is all about taking on the unknown and unexpected and overcoming the challenges thrown at you during the event.

In the lead up to the event a general location will be given a few months before but the exact start point will only be revealed to participants 5 days before the race, maintaining that element of adventure and the unexpected.

Surprises are thrown at you right from the start, bikes may need to be dropped at a different location to the start point, maps are only provided a short time before the start. Decisions on how to get from one CP to another are left to each team, so the pressure is on to choose the best route. Instructions must be read, and on the ground obstacles may force changes to plans as you run and ride. As a result, actual decision making must happen under pressure during the race.

Adventure racing is the chance for people to challenge themselves. Racers learn early on that the competition is less with other teams and more with the course. It’s less about beating the competition and more about achieving your own goals.

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