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Adventurers out there unite.

Let's share here our adventures, stories, expeditions, post our blogs so we get to know each other. This tribe can motivate many more people to become adventurers and explore the wonderful world around us...and beyond

P.S. The only category I could choose when I created this tribe was Adventure Racing...Adventures/Expeditions combine many sports together and enhance our knowledge.

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Monica S Adventurers Tribe

Sports-iqgold Monica S answered the question Next adventure?

My son has his sights on running up to Hells roaring platue in Mt just up in the mountains near us. My running buddy and I would like to make it happen. It will mostly be a strenous hike for the first several miles a...

Jan W Adventurers Tribe

Jan W One of my best experiences was when I flew to San Francisco just to run in the Bay to Breakers 12km 100th Anniversary: amazing atmosphere.

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Geir L Adventurers Tribe

Contributorgold Geir L Iceclimbing on Imja Tse 6189 meters :-)


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Morgan P Adventurers Tribe

Sports-iqbronze Morgan P answered the question Awesomeness

Pretty cool! Went 'splorin in the woods with my boyfriend. Tripped over a tree root, which was actually really funny! Thanks for asking! How about yours?

Blue Horizon Treks E Adventurers Tribe

Contributorbronze Blue Horizon Treks E welcome to Himalayan country of Nepal would you like to do some adventure trip in Nepal Himalayan if yes visit for more information feel free to contact with us for your holiday.

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Nepal is awesome ... I did a trip there in Oct/Nov 2012.. Seeing Everest Base Camp was very nice. Also summited on Imja Tse at 6189 meters in perfect weather conditions.. what a great adventure ... I highly recommend a trip to Nepal and the Himalayas :)

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Steve M Adventurers Tribe

Contributorgold Steve M I am going on a missionary project after Christmas to the Golden Triangle. My goal is to jog in Cambodia, Myanmar, and Viet Nam...

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Murray S Adventurers Tribe

Contributorgold Murray S New to the tribe...Use to be so big into adventurous things in my younger years, but as I got older, raising a family, and so on. All the fun things got put to the side. In my older years I'm wanting to reconnect with my adventurous side again. Thus I'm doing a tough mudder this weekend. Looking forward to swapping stories and adventurers with everyone.

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