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Anti-Treadmill Runners Society

We believe that being a runner is about getting out in to the world and feeling the wind against your skin, running miles from home and getting lost, or a sudden cramp but still having to find your way back. Real runners don't dread sweaty sunscreen running into our eyes in the summer, or being soaked by a sudden rain storm. They accept that they WILL, at some point, swallow flying insects, get muddy wet socks from an unseen puddle. Real runners, smile and say hello to each other as they pass, as if they know a secret that 'normal civilians' are not in on. They do these things because that is what running is about. The treadmill wants to take these discomforts away from us, but what the treadmill will never understand is we don't run despite these discomforts, we run because of them. It's these discomforts that make us runners.

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Melody K Anti-Treadmill Runners Society Tribe

Melody K I bought a treadmill for my parents the Christmas before last because they had been complaining about needing to get fit for a good 10 years.

They are yet to use it once, and I feel obliged to use it so it isn't just a $1000 clothes dryer. But it's just so darn boring running and staring at a wall :(

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If you have a lap top, you could watch films or music videos at the same time, although running outside is so much more enjoyable :-)


That's what I ended up doing in the end, but like you said the outdoors is so much more enjoyable. And that way I get to take the dog out as well :)

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Maria G Anti-Treadmill Runners Society Tribe

My last three runs have been on the "mill" at the gym, and I just can't face it again today. Hopefully there will be no lightning tonight, so I can run outside. The heat is bad, but bearable by 7:30pm. Crossing my fingers....and toes!  : )

David B Anti-Treadmill Runners Society Tribe

Yeah I love those people who will drive the 5k's to their gym to get on the treadmill for 30mins and then drive home. So Petrol, wear and tear on the car and the $$$$$$$$ for their gym membership, money well spent!! They're awesome, but at least t...

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