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Asthmatic runners

Running and asthma do not go together well but people with mild asthma are sometimes able to manage. Are you a mild asthma sufferer who loves to run? What tips do you have to manage your asthma whilst running? Join this tribe to discuss your successes and achievements!

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Dave W Asthmatic runners Tribe

I often need my inhaler when I run. I tend to try to allow myself to get my breath back steadily as it's sometimes difficult to tell whether it's general breathlessness that all runners get, or a more asthma related...

Dee  Asthmatic runners Tribe

Communicatorbronze Dee replied to the topic Breathing strategies

I don't run with music a lot but I tend to breathe in rhythm with my feet hitting the ground.  I've never really counted on purpose but find myself breathing in with a three count and slow my breathing out with like a four or five count.  Running...

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