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[Athlete] Beauty & the Beast

Keeping fit, challenging your routine, making sure you follow a healthy diet, completing TS challenges = done!

But what about your body? How do you keep your skin, hair, feet, etc looking good? How do you fight sweat, chlorine pool...

Please share your tips, your favourite brands, your questions.

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Amanda C [Athlete] Beauty & the Beast Tribe

Contributorgold Amanda C And the finish product! here I am with the new Dark Chocolate hair color!


Aww thanks hun!!! Although I'd love hair like Leah Remini from "King Of Queens"... :-))) lol

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You beat Leah's hair! I always wanted to be a brunette. Guess I have to settle for a bunch of fine blonde hair with naturally occurring gray highlights that no dye will cover. I swear I tried an all-over color once and have had them try to spot cover them and the color washes out within a week. grrrrr

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Grrrr is right! So sorry it's frustrating!! But thank you for the compliment :-)

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Amanda C [Athlete] Beauty & the Beast Tribe

Contributorgold Amanda C Dying my hair today...This is called Dark Chocolate...These are before pictures :-)))

20140509114208-hair_color_box 20140509114215-hair_color_box_2 20140509114221-me_b4 20140509114228-me_b4_2

Is it your fav? because as I sit here with still damp hair I am loving it more and more as it slowly dries! I love having long hair but gosh darn it dry already...If your wondering btw I am not big into hair driers because it makes my hair all puffy and weird like haha!


hahahah I see :D . I actually don't die my hair but my friend and my aunt do so I help chose the color :p

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Barbara M [Athlete] Beauty & the Beast Tribe

Barbara M replied to the topic training and pimples

Yes, I have some tips to get rid of this problem.

·         Apply ice on your pimple for about 20-30 seconds.

·         Apply lemon juice on the affected area.   

·         Apply Aloe Vera juice on the affected area of skin.

·         Ap...

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