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awesome waist

The waist is rather a left behind bodypart for guys .But its a really important one. This tribe can tell you how to tone and strengthen it. To reduce hamstring injuries and develop your lower abdominals

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L. D awesome waist  Tribe

Contributorgold L. D Hi! TribeSports challenges closing at 23 oct. We are all so sorry, it was a good story but we have the opportunity not to lose these achievements and goals and move on. Do not stop throwing Challenges! Join us on and continue to write the history of your achievements together with us. Take Challenges, create owns, take a part in online events, earn on your activity. And most importantly, communicate with like-minded people and invite friends.

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Bishop W awesome waist  Tribe

Contributorsilver Bishop W one of the MAIN goals in my workouts is to get my waist to waste away. essentially to resemble whomever that is in the above pic. I've got the dreds, 60% on the shoulders and chest, just need tips about oblique's.

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Tamsyn V awesome waist  Tribe

Fair enough. I have no doubt that your advice will work then! :) I just assume that everyone wants to look and feel fit and as amazing as they can for life, but I guess some people just want it now - for a period of...

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Daniel H awesome waist  Tribe

You have to lose the fat on top of it!   80% diet 20% the correct training   Try and incorperate heavy lifting into your routine 3 times a week, as well as 3-4 lots of cardio.  HIIT (High intensity int...

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21st February 2012



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