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Back Pain/Injury And Exercise

Do you have questions about back pain/injuries and what exercises you should do? Let's all share our experiences with back pain, it could help someone. Please see a doctor if you have unusal pain or chronic pain.

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Shelia B Back Pain/Injury And Exercise Tribe

Contributorgold Shelia B The best thing I have found to help me is to walk and do yoga. stretching is very important. And get massages when you can and acupuncture helps to. I have back and neck injury these things do help. And get you really good walking shoes.


And yes I can tell a big difference. Keep going.

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Amber B Back Pain/Injury And Exercise Tribe

Yes =) That's awesome. The trampoline was something my kids loved. But we need to get a new one. Yea, I'm glad she likes to. My boys on the other hand, not so much. Sometimes, they all join me in jumping jacks and wi...

Pamela J Back Pain/Injury And Exercise Tribe

lol sounds fun :) my son have a 4 kg kettle bell and sometimes i´m afraid he will hurt him self or me with it lol but it is great when they already as children loves to exercise and get a healthy life style, my girls...

Amber B Back Pain/Injury And Exercise Tribe

Thank you! And awesome! =) She tries to join me in any of them. She scares me a little with the light weight dumbbells tho haha. It's too funny when someone comes over, she's like oh let me show you our exercises and...

Amber B Back Pain/Injury And Exercise Tribe

Yea I don't understand why they have got to be at such inconvenient times! And then you travel on top of that boo. I will definitely be looking for more videos on youtube! And then I can forget where I am when I do t...

Pamela J Back Pain/Injury And Exercise Tribe

it sure would be great sometimes to go to a real class, but as you say they are usually late and i have to travell to a another city to go on one, luckily you can find a lot on you tube and this girl has many full yo...

Amber B Back Pain/Injury And Exercise Tribe

Oh so true! =) Lucky for me there are no witnesses to that disaster haha ;) And yea, this looks like it'll be a great starter =)) I would like to try going to a class but they are usually only at night or the weekend...

Pamela J Back Pain/Injury And Exercise Tribe

lol sounds like me :)). the best part with yoga besides it feels amazing after it still challenges you with alot of balancing poses and the feeling when you are able to do something you only could dream about is awes...

Amber B Back Pain/Injury And Exercise Tribe

Yea, that's what I was doing with cardio. My mind wanted to go and my body was like whoa what in the hell are you trying to do to me? lol =) So I have learned my lesson... Slow down and learn to rest more. =) And yes...

Pamela J Back Pain/Injury And Exercise Tribe

you are welcome Amber, i hope your pain will fly away and you can enjoy your workouts again!! she has awesome yoga workouts and when your back feels for more, try her interval yoga workouts were she are mixing yoga w...

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