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Back training

The back is one of the biggest areas of muscle in the body and back strength is crucial to overall body strength. Training the back helps with virtually every sport, and is of course central to weightlifting and powerlifting. A strong back can also limit injuries and pains.

This is the tribe for people who love doing rows, pulldowns, pullups, shrugs, and deadlifts. Get tips here for how to get that perfect vee, how to get great lats, and how to get an impressive, wide and powerful back.

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Sarah Q Back training Tribe

Thanks for all the responses everyone.  I probably do need to strengthen my wrists, they have suffered slightly from a few years in my early twenties when I kept falling off my bike every six months or so and fractur...

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Monty C Back training Tribe

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David A Back training Tribe

There shouldn't be a strain in the wrists and forearms in doing lat pulldowns. For a start, the weight pulled in lat pulldowns is likely to be relatively small, much less than in say deadlifts, which also has all the...

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Sean M Back training Tribe

Sean M hey people which do you think is better pull ups or barbell/dumbell exercises im doing 3 sets wide pull ups 3 sets close grip then 3 sets elbows facing away. roughly around 8 to 12 reps. ?


"Elbows facing away" I presume means what is normally called "chin-ups". Anyway, that sounds like a good sequence. But if you've got access to barbell/dumbbells you should be using those as well as pullups are only going strengthen the lats. Other muscles in the back such as traps and erectors are hit by dumbbell or barbell rows, deadlifts, hyperextensions etc.

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Colleen O Back training Tribe

I would definitly cut back on your weight. Anything that causes excrutiating joint pain is not a good thing. Try doing some wrist curls and twist (really every direction you can move) to stregthen them and then try a...

Pronsias (Frank) M Back training Tribe

Hi Sarah, I found that using wrist straps wrapped around your wrist and the bar would allow for greater weight to be pulled, while taking some of the stress from the hands and forearms, because your hands are wrapped...

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