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Be My Valentine

Ok guys there are a few people on here who need to feel that they are loved . please join up and send some love to all our great friends on Tribesport. Nobody should feel like they are on there own on this day or any other day come to that so lets make this a 365 days of the year group hug.

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Ian L Be My Valentine Tribe

Contributorgold Ian L Hope everyone has had or is having a lovely day spending time with loved ones or some good times on there own. Happy Valentines day to everyone, love and hugs .xxoo


Happy Valentine's day to you too Ian.. :D

Ian L encouraged this.

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Ian L Be My Valentine Tribe

Communicatorgold Ian L replied to the topic Best Valentine

That sounds great honey , breakfast a nice leisurely stroll through the woods stop at the duck pond feed the ducks take in the stunning scenery then dinner by firelight only maybe a scented candle burning, a bit of soft music playing yeah i wo...

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Ian L

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29th January 2013


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