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Beach Running

For any one who likes to use the beach as their running track. It's like nature's own resistance training - pick your sand and go for it. Great for barefoot runners too!

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Kevin G Beach Running Tribe

Contributorgold Kevin G Off to the beach tomorrow for a mega day of running, walking, barefoot and Mountain Climbers.
And if all goes well, a large ice creamas reward :))

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Kevin G Beach Running Tribe

I love running in the great outdoors, but there is always something atmospheric and powerful about running on a beach, alongside the crashing waves. summer or winter, busy or quiet, there is always something different to see. a great workout too.

Meghan L Beach Running Tribe

My beach running occurs when I'm on vacations.  Not much in the way of big beaches where I live, unfortunately. I've run 4-5 miles when I go beach running.  As for any kind of shoes, not me!  Barefoot is the ONLY ...

Becky A Beach Running Tribe

Contributorgold Becky A Going beach running for the first time tomorrow! Will join the tribe if i plan to make it a habit!


Hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Wish I was beach running right now. A warm beach.

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8th March 2012



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