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Beach Weights!

A group for those that train bodybuilding. For anyone trying to get MASSive or just bit a little extra lean muscle for sport. For anyone that doesnt have a sport and is training to improve their physical appearance and look better naked! Join the group and share your ideas, tips & philosophies on training programs, diets, muscle building & fat burning strategies.

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Robbie B Beach Weights! Tribe

Contributorbronze Robbie B I currently have a torn ac joint. So I'm trying to build my legs up while I have the extra time. If anyone one has suggestions or plan I can do let me know.

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Big Swede ! Beach Weights! Tribe

this is not for beginners and make sure ya have plenty of water and energy while doing this program.

Plus each set ya want to be lifting as much weight so ya can only lift a maximum of 8reps on each set.

For the drop sets ya only drop enough wei...

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Tom R

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24th June 2011



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