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Beginner Marathon Runners

Running your first marathon is nerve racking - the training looks daunting, and the thought of running for several hours, non-stop just seems absurd. But the marathon holds an allure that draws hundreds of thousands to take it on each year.

This is the Tribe to share your thoughts, your plans, training advice, and of course to share those pre-race nerves!

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L. D Beginner Marathon Runners Tribe

Contributorgold L. D Hi! TribeSports challenges closing at 23 oct. We are all so sorry, it was a good story but we have the opportunity not to lose these achievements and goals and move on. Do not stop throwing Challenges! Join us on and continue to write the history of your achievements together with us. Take Challenges, create owns, take a part in online events, earn on your activity. And most importantly, communicate with like-minded people and invite friends.

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Christopher S Beginner Marathon Runners Tribe

I find it difficult to drink or take gels while running.  My current strategy is to walk while I take them, that seems to work fine, but I find it  difficult to get back into a rythm when I start running again.  This means, especially when I'm run...

Michael H Beginner Marathon Runners Tribe

Contributorgold Michael H So booked my 1st Full Marathon. Budapest October 11th 2015. Not sure what to expect time wise as did three HM this year 2 sub 1:30 and a nasty one with hills (last 2km uphill) in 1:42 all of which with glandular fever, although I did not realize I had this at the time. Any seasoned people out there with various tips on nutrition, rest & recovery. Or even anyone who has run Budapest and can give some insight to the course. Feeling excited :)

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Vaunette C Beginner Marathon Runners Tribe

Hey Kevin, just saw this post as well. Everyone has given you some great advice. To improve your time, one run a week should be interval/speed work. Like Jane said, running hills is great too and don't forget how import core strength is. You will...

Kevin G Beginner Marathon Runners Tribe

Jane, thank you for your answer, I know you are training now and this is really helpful. I am currently and consistently running 1:56 to 1:58 , i am probably going to have to put my Marathon ambition back to 2016 which m,eans i can  concentrat...

Kevin G Beginner Marathon Runners Tribe

Candida, that was very useful, i am consistently running 1:56 HMs so around the 5:30 mark now, probably going to have to push my marathon ambitions into 2016, so will give me time to further consolidate and reduce my HM time. i ran my first an...

Jane H Beginner Marathon Runners Tribe

Hey Kevin, sorry just noticed this post too. Before running my first marathon (3:53) I ran about 5 half marathons ranging from 1:58 down to 1:51. Aim to run at 5:30 pace and you will achieve sub 4 hours. As well as the 3 weekly runs Candida po...

Candida B Beginner Marathon Runners Tribe

Hi Kevin!

Sorry I missed this until now.

Getting out and putting the kms in your legs and running for 'time' were ways I broke in to marathon training - but when I started being more specific ie sub 4 hours much of my training was  based around...

Kevin G Beginner Marathon Runners Tribe

Thanks Brenda, might be my wording, what i mean is should i work on improvoing my Half Marathon PB from currently 1:56 until i make 1:50 and then concentrate on my marathon training, my logic ish being if i cant run 1:50 yet for a HM I wont be...

Mark H Beginner Marathon Runners Tribe

Contributorgold Mark H Hi Kevin, let's start with a few questions: what type of training and distances are you doing? Have you run a half marathon yet? If so what was your best time? What time would you like to run your marathon in? Be realistic!! Sorry, just checked so I already know the answers.

The test I'm going to suggest is 2 x 6000 m
This test is supposed to be done to confirm your pace calculation, so let's say your half marathon time is 1 hour 50 and you want to maintain this pace (5:13 approx / km) for the marathon, which would mean 3:40:00.

So, about ten days before the marathon, basically your last hard session you set out to run a hard 6km @ 5:13/km
Your time 31:17 let's say 31 min
NOW REST for 90 secs and do the test again as fast as you can, but remember it is a constant rhythm so you must maintain the pace and you must finish otherwise it's not valid.

Objective First 6km Second 6km Difference Poss. Rhythm Prob. Rhythm Poss time Prob. Time
Sub 3:40:00 31:00 26:42 33" 5:00 5.12 3:30:59 3:39:00

If the difference is less than 24 sec, it is likely that you over did it on the test and you'll suffer, so you should lower the rhythm. If it's above 25 sec, it is likely you're on the right track. Remember to factor in approx 10 sec/km for adverse weather conditions...

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Kevin G Beginner Marathon Runners Tribe

internet, magazines, calculators, books all suggest a multitude of take a number, multiply it, add x more and thats it. Unfortunately everyone's different and I am totally confused.

i have read you need to be running a 1:50 half marathon in order...

Endre I Beginner Marathon Runners Tribe

Contributorbronze Endre I I ran the NYC Marathon (my first) on 2nd Nov 2014. It was a slow time but I was still recovering from a calf tear three months earlier. I thoroughly enjoyed the race and would recommend you add this to your bucket list. Would love to do it again when I'm fully fit.

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