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Beginners Skateboarders

This a Tribe for all the beginner skateboarders - share tips, advices and find the answers you need to become the next Tony Hawk

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Arnaud M Beginners Skateboarders Tribe

Arnaud M answered the question ollie

It depends on how long you train per day, your ability to learn and the shape and weight of your board. Personally I had a friend who showed me the motion and I managed to do it well after 3 weeks of "intense" traini...

Arnaud M Beginners Skateboarders Tribe

Arnaud M created the guide How to do an Ollie

An Ollie is one of the first things a beginner should learn. It is a fundamental trick in skateboarding:

  1. Place your rear foot on the tail and your front foot on the center of your board
  2. Put pressure on the tail of your board (the harder you push...

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Tribe creator

Arnaud M

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19th May 2011



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