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Beyond Built

A Tribe dedicated to helping you achieve the physique you deserve.

Not just a bodybuilding Tribe, at Beyond Built, we are interested in everything that contributes to a great look and really sculpting a fantastic body.

Bob Paris wrote a book entitled beyond Built, where he discusses Training, Nutrition, Competition Prep, wellbeing and even skin and hair care. The purpose of this Tribe is to have an interactive real world wiki, where all the elements that help create a world class physique are discussed and explored.

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Dave W Beyond Built Tribe

Communicatorgold Dave W replied to the topic Share your progress....

I started weight training 18 years ago at a bodyweight of 9stone (126lbs) and could bench press 35lb. I could even curl 5lb dumbbells with relative ease.!! My first weight set was 65lb.

Now I weigh almost 17 stone (236lb), bench press 396lb and c...

Dave W Beyond Built Tribe

Communicatorgold Dave W created the topic Share your progress....

So, you've been working out, getting fitter, leaner, stronger, bigger, more flexible, well..... you have haven't you?

How much bigger have you become, this year or since you picked up your first dumbbell ? How much faster or fitter have you got s...

Dave W Beyond Built Tribe

My weight gain has slowed slightly and I can see that a plateau is on the horizon, so I have been consciously adding extra protein to my diet. I am currently consuming at least 220g - 230g and sometimes around 250g.

I was having a small whey shak...

Aston F Beyond Built Tribe

Communicatorbronze Aston F replied to the topic Full Body Symmetry

yeah i constantly have to take care and look at the simmetry of my physique, i find that because i do allot of rock and ice climbing the right side (which is the side i relie on the most) always stands out more than the left so i always have to tr...

Matteo R and Rick P encouraged this.

Dave W Beyond Built Tribe

This looks like a great formula. The same one that I use, although I have always considered a gram of fat to contain 9kcals.

I actually work out my whole nutritional requirements based on bodyweight, protein requirements and the fact that 1g of p...

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11th May 2013



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