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Bike Commuters Tribe

A tribe for all two-wheel commuters. Let's expand our world!

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Helen T Bike Commuters Tribe Tribe

Yes it's sensible, but as with all things, we need to learn to work together. The laws in most Australian states simply say to allow 'a safe distance' when overtaking, however new laws requiring a minimum of 1m are being trialed / proposed.

Crystal M and Eunice Y encouraged this.

Helen T Bike Commuters Tribe Tribe

Contributorgold Helen T A friend was itching to know what I look like when I come crawling home (or should I say pedalling) in the dark, so I took a photo of my outfit. Lights are off, it's all reflections by flash


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Helen T Bike Commuters Tribe Tribe

For day rides, nothing as I'm mostly off road, even getting to work. But for twilight hours and night time when I'm on the roads, I go for as much as I can. That means flashing white light and strong steady light on f...

Helen T Bike Commuters Tribe Tribe

Hi, I've become a bike commuter out of necessity the past few months. I don't own a car and work shifts at the local hospital which is a little too far to walk home from, and no public transport at the times i'm commuting. I adapted pretty quickly...

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31st January 2015



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